The Rest Of The Story – Turning 2020 Around

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The question I have today is – How has 2020 been for you?

Please feel free to leave a comment below! Bonus points for those of you who add your plan for the rest of 2020!

Continue reading to be maybe inspired to turn this crazy 2020 year around.

I am interested in hearing the answers to this 2020 question. Many will think about this question but choose not to comment below. That is okay too, but I want to hear about your year.

After all, we have all been impacted in more than one way in the last seven months. I figure if we hear about what others are doing, maybe we will all get inspired to turn 2020 around!

2020 Calendar on a tablet

The Year 2020

Suppose you told me eight months ago to hold on because this one will be a doozy.

I’d laugh and say that you are crazy.

I remember people freaking out about the year 2000, and nothing happened. Fast forward 20 years, and this is just ridiculous.

2020 has been one crazy year, and that is putting it lightly.

Between COVID, everything pretty much shut down, protesting, and having yet another possible shutdown. Who knows what tomorrow will hold.

At first, I was getting annoyed by people saying, “It’s the new normal.” But now, I think they are sort of right. Who would have thought?

It’s also pretty cool that if you have been reading this blog, I’ve mentioned being prepared for what life throws at you. I’m happy to report I have not been worried about toilet paper, not even once!

I talked with some friends, and New Year’s resolutions came up. We quickly realized many of these resolutions had taken a backseat.

And this is the reason I think this is the best time to revamp what you wanted to accomplish this year. The year is half over, and the best time to start is now! Let’s take 2020 back and accomplish something.

So let me throw out another question: What have you accomplished this year?

What Makes You Happy?

I have enjoyed looking at this question. It’s even more fun to hear what others respond. If you remember, I posted a blog about this question already.

Haven’t you read it? Well, I think you should check it out!

I started asking this question before the year began. Many people got back to me, and it was impeccable to see many of the answers were similar.

So take a minute and think about this question. You don’t have to answer it now, but I guarantee that within a few days, you will be shocked about the answers you have.

Then, you should let me know by leaving me a comment or emailing me.

Make A Goal

The point of this post is to think about how I will turn this year around.

For me, my focus turned to goal setting. I’ve been doing 30-day goals. I don’t want to call them challenges for the last few months. And by the end of the timeline, I can see what I enjoy doing and what I don’t.

I want to suggest that you make a goal for the rest of the year.

There are roughly five months left. I want you to pick a goal (it could be related to health, fitness, work, or anything else you are interested in) and then tell someone about it. It would be fantastic if you posted your new goal in the comments below!

If you post your new 2020 goal below, I will keep in touch with you, and we will achieve it together!

As I mentioned, I have set many goals for this year. Just to throw some of them out there, here is a small list for you. Maybe they will help you decide what your goal will be!Old style typewriter with the paper saying, "Goals"

  • Work remotely (has been my goal for years; now businesses are way more open to this option than they were before. Who would have thought that would happen?). To help get me to achieve this goal, I have set the following objectives:
    • Take online classes
    • Started to learn the basics of coding
    • Learning SEO, which has been very interesting, by the way
    • Write more (and Grammarly has helped me a lot with this!)
    • Make $500 a week outside of my job (this is still a work in progress, but I know I will get there soon!). Or better yet, start a business!
  • Live a minimalist lifestyle
    • Meditate more
    • The process of eliminating debt
    • Remove or limit stress in my life
    • Convert my Rav into a camper, mainly for my road trips
  • Focus on health
    • Eating better
    • Do something every day
    • Fitness and bodyweight workouts
    • Yoga, currently I’ve been working on my posture
    • Consuming less alcohol (this is a tough one but it makes you feel better overall!)
    • Meditation can go here as well (I have realized how important it is, even if you only take a few minutes. I mention this in a separate blog post)
  • Travel more
    • I love being outdoors, and it’s where I feel most like me
    • Learning about the world we live in as well as about other cultures
    • This also allows me to know I have arrived (I want to travel more than a few weeks out of the year)

Some of these have been difficult to know where to start, and others you can do daily. One of my complicated examples is trying to find a job to work remotely.

I have realized that I do not have much experience in this area. Better yet, I don’t have two years of working remotely and do not have software training in a few areas businesses are looking for.

With that in mind, I have started taking online classes with the hope of helping this blog and in my future quest of being self-employed.

It’s a long road, but every journey starts with one step!

Staying Positive

I think we need more positivity in our lives.

It’s been a rough year for everyone. Finding a way to turn the rest of the year around might be the one thing you can say that you achieved in 2020.

As an example, I decided to post once a week.

After all, I have wanted to have a blog for a long time.

There is no better time to start than now. And so far, even when life gets in the way, I have posted once a week! I also started putting an “X” on my calendar to ensure I have one a week. I know that might sound strange, but seeing that “X” makes me feel like I accomplished something.

I have an idea for you to help you stay positive for the rest of this year.

You are keeping your newly established goal in mind. You have one, right?

Now I want you to get more specific with that goal. The point here is to make a few smaller goals that allow you to take one step at a time. This will enable you to set mini victories that you can achieve.

For me, it was writing more. I then decided that I wanted to write 500 words daily, allowing me to post one article to you every week quickly!

This allowed me to take posting weekly, which can be a lot, into a small achievable task I can do daily. I don’t always achieve my 500 words, but overall it balances out.

Looking Back Over 2020

A quick side story:

I made a crazy decision at the beginning of this year. Leaving my carrier. It wasn’t a decision I made quickly. After all, I had good pay, excellent benefits, and great people I worked with.

But the hours were rough, the work was difficult, and I couldn’t do the things that brought me joy and happiness.

So in February this year, I left everything. I know I have written about it already, so that I will stop there.

I bring up the ‘quick side story‘ to remind you that we all have choices in life.
It’s up to us on what we will do with them.

This brings me back to 2020, being a very crazy year. Not only did I leave my carrier, but a month later, COVID took the world over.

Then we all know about the protests and other things 2020 has brought to our lives.

When I look back over this year, there are some good things and bad. But overall, I’m thankful for my decision.

I feel that I’m happier and sleep more, and my stress is pretty darn low.

Not only that, but I can spend more time doing things I enjoy, hanging out with friends and family, learning something new every day, and, most importantly, spending time outdoors!

Sometimes it’s not just about money but about the life you are living.

I believe you will take control of 2020, and have a great rest of the year!

Side note I like putting these in here. Taking the first step sometimes it’s all you need.

A few days ago, I decided to stop thinking about the Rav setup and DO something about it.

I removed the rear seats, spare tire, and all the extra plastic. With more room, I headed to the hardware store and spent some money on PVC, connectors, plywood, and a few tools. I then actually made a platform for the Rav!

I know there is still more to do, but I’m so excited that I took the first step.

If you are wondering why I did this, it’s because of this blog!

I was thinking about 2020, my goals, and what makes me happy.

So, I decided today was a good day to stop thinking about doing it and actually DO IT!

I still have more work to do but I cannot wait for my next road trip.

If you are interested in what I did, let me know in the comments below. If there is any interest, I’m more than willing to share it with you and even post some additional articles on my latest vehicle setup.

Good Vibes Only

Let’s Turn the Rest of 2020 Around!

We need to turn 2020 around. I feel setting a goal for the remainder of the year will be the best way to do that.

We must stop feeling depressed, sad, lonely, upset, and so on.

It seems that everywhere you go, there is a lot of negativity. Yes, there has been a lot of craziness going on in the world.

We need to stay positive and have a positive mindset.

Today, you could be the one positive person someone interacts with.

My hope is maybe that positivity will spread to others. It doesn’t matter if you accept it or not; we are all in this together and need to stick together.

Share this idea with people you know. I’m sure others will have similar goals as you, and maybe we can all help support each other in these crazy times. And who knows, perhaps you will learn something new about yourself in the process.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below on the following:

  • How has 2020 been for you and your goal to achieve by the end?
  • What have you accomplished this year?
  • What makes you happy?

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2 thoughts on “The Rest Of The Story – Turning 2020 Around”

  1. I enjoying reading this blog. It was a nice break from all the tragic news we are bombarded with every day. My first goal that I’m going to set for myself is to decide what that goal should be. I know that sounds funny, and I’m not procrastinating, but that really is my first step. Thanks for inspiring me to do that!

    • Thanks! It’s always a good thing to have goals, even if we start small. Every journey begins with the first step!


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