What Makes You Happy?

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I have been asking this question to people for a while. Now it is your turn!

Go ahead and take a minute and ask yourself, “What Makes Me Happy?” It’s totally cool, I’ll wait.

One of the fun things about this question is that you will keep thinking about it. You might be able to think of something instantly, or you might need to sit and ponder for a while.

Focus On Yourself, Not Others

This question is one that is personal to you. I have to mention this because it is not for someone else to answer, and it is NOT, ‘What do you think makes me happy?’

I can also tell you that the answer is not, “I’m happy when my wife is happy.” Yes, we all know the old saying.

You need to dig deeper. You need to determine what makes YOU happy.

Stay away from thinking about what makes your dog happy, your boy or girlfriend happy, your neighbors happy, and so on. The question, again, is for YOU to answer and only you.


Being Happy

Being happy could mean many things. It could be reading a blog by a bald guy (which I’m glad you are here).

Another great example is that I’m currently drinking my coffee and listening to some music while typing this. I cannot lie. Right now, I’m pretty damn happy!

You could have your happy place from waking up and taking the pup for a walk or even playing with the kiddos before going to school (assuming they can still do that).

One thing you need to remember, at least it’s something I believe, being happy is a choice. It’s your choice if you want to be happy or miserable. You cannot change situations, but remember, it’s your choice on how you react to them. That is what it is all about.

Life is short, and I think we should enjoy every single minute of it!

Now It’s Your Turn

It would be amazing if you would leave me a comment below on what makes you happy! It’s been fun hearing what others have come up with. So now it’s your turn, keep reading and let me know below!

Interesting Facts

After you answer the question, I guarantee you will keep thinking about it.

I had a friend come up to me a few weeks after asking him, and he had additional things to add! Which, of course, was awesome to hear.

As I said, you will keep thinking about this question. And that is a good thing.

Something interesting to me is there are things that we all think are important. The main one is money, cash, or dinero. The best part, everyone I have posed this question to haven’t mentioned money. Not once!

Another interesting fact, to the writing of this, nobody said anything about possessions, their house, fancy cars, etc.

Items that you think are important don’t always make you happy. If you know me, you know that I have been fascinated with living tiny (I also have converted my Rav4). So this realization, to people who think I’m crazy for wanting to live tiny, doesn’t mention possessions when asked this question.

What has the majority of people mentioned? So far, comments on spending time with family and friends, enjoying the sunset, drinking a cup of coffee (or a tasty beverage), and just simply enjoying the moment.

What if money was not involved?

I recently watched a YouTube video on this question. The reason that I am bringing this up is that when I ask people, “What makes you happy?” I have not heard anyone say money.

Spend a few minutes and watch the video below:

It’s important to do the things that bring us joy. That could mean many things. What brings me joy might not bring you joy, but that is why this is such a fun question to ask.

What Makes Me Happy?

It is time with family and friends. This is an essential part of my life.

I started asking everyone about this question in early 2019. But it started with me wondering for myself. I wasn’t super happy at the time and wanted to know why. It was a HUGE eye-opener once I realized that I wasn’t making family and friends a priority.

Another big thing that I wasn’t doing was spending time outside. I feel most at peace being outside on a hike, camping, or just going for a bike ride. Looking back, I’m so thankful for having the ability to change things in my situation.

At first, the question may seem very simple, but it can get pretty deep at a closer look. Maybe this will allow you to appreciate the small things or remember to take the time to enjoy the breeze outside and be present in the moment.

Have you commented on What Makes YOU Happy?

You should, even if it’s one word. I have a very strong feeling we are all going to agree on the same things.


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