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What Makes You Happy?

It’s been interesting because recently I see a lot of these types of questions. I started writing this about a week ago, then life happens, so I thought I would quickly finish it and post it. And here we go!

I have been asking this to people over the last few months. Now it is your turn, take a minute and ask yourself, “What Makes Me Happy?” This might be something you can instantly think of, or it is something you will need to sit and ponder for a while.

Go ahead and think about it. It’s totally cool … I’ll wait.

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You! Not me, YOU!

This is something personal, not what you think other people want to hear. The question is not, ‘What do you think makes me happy?’

On the same note, the answer is not, “I’m happy when my wife is happy.” Yes, we all know the old saying.

You need to dig deeper…what makes YOU happy. Not what makes your dog happy, you boy/girlfriend happy, your neighbors happy…NO, the questions are for YOU to answer and only you.

Being Happy

This could mean many things. It could be not going to work today and enjoying reading a blog a bald guy wrote (I’m currently drinking my coffee and listening to some music while typing this, and right now, I’m pretty damn happy).

It could be waking up and taking the pup for a walk, or even playing with the kiddos before they go to school.

I think being happy is a choice. Life is short, and I think we should enjoy every single minute of it!

Now It’s Your Turn

If you feel up to it, feel free to answer the above question below. I think it would be super awesome if we could get people to comment on what makes them happy. This might even be one of those that people comment on each other’s comments, and maybe it could be never-ending!!

Interesting Facts

After you answer the question, I guarantee you will keep thinking about it. I had a friend come up to me a few weeks after I asked, and he had additional things to add! I think that was super cool! Like I said before, I have been asking this for a few months now to family and friends.

A few things I find interesting is the fact that we all think money is important, but I have not heard anyone say anything about cash, money, dinero. Not once! Another thing I find interesting is that nobody said anything about possessions, my house, cars, etc.

So far, most people comment on time, family, friends, enjoying the sunset, and even just simply being present at the moment.


It is time with family and friends. This is an essential part of my life and has recently realized I haven’t made it a priority (again, the whole job and life sometimes gets in the way). I also feel most at peace being outside on a hike, camping, or just going for a bike ride.

It seems very simple, but maybe this will allow you to appreciate the small things or remember to take the time to enjoy the breeze outside.

Have you commented on anything yet? I think you should, even if it’s one word. I have a very strong feeling we are all going to agree on the same things.


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