The COVID-19 Virus – My Two Cents

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UPDATE – Click HERE for a really neat site that offers GREAT of information regarding the Coronavirus.

If you haven’t already, click this link to go to a website that offers UP TO DATE information about the Coronavirus. It’s the best I have seen. You can view stats on different parts of the world and where outbreaks are located. At the top of the page, to the left, you can click on “Map.” This even provides a Google map of locations affected (poor Seattle)! I really suggest you check it out.

– That is all for the update, now to get back to ‘My Two Cents.’ –

You cannot go anywhere without hearing something about COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. We know it’s out there, and I hope and pray that you all remain healthy. There is a lot written about this virus, but I wanted to make a quick article on a few things I find helpful.

Side note, my main focus is to get people interested in preparing with emergency supplies, like I’ve talked about in other articles. But the other part of it is the fun section that includes “ideas.” Here we can cover a lot of things, but I decided to spend a minute on this virus scare and my two cents.

Please remember, if you genuinely feel sick or that you might be sick, the important thing is to stay home and don’t infect the rest of us!

Being Sick is No Fun For Anyone

I cannot remember anyone saying they wish they were sick (well except for Phoebe Buffay on friends, who liked her singing voice when she was ill). Nobody enjoys being under the weather. Why would you? You can’t seem to get warm, or you have chills, and you’re sweating. You can even feel every piece of fabric in your socks scratching your feet! Every part of your body is in pain, but you can’t ever pinpoint where the pain is. Newsflash, it’s called a fever and body aches.

No Fun!

Currently, the world is freaking out about this virus, and supplies are slim. I was talking with a friend that works as a custodian, and the crazy part is they are having trouble finding necessary cleaning supplies for their business. The business of cleaning. WTF?!?!? This epidemic is just getting stupid.

I could go on for a few more pages, but we all get the picture.

So many people are freaking out and need to take a breath and just relax. Today, my friend’s coworker has allergies, and the boss sent her home. Wait, what? Its allergies happen every year, but everyone is so concerned that if you sneeze or cough, you will be sent home. You might think that sounds ridiculous but just wait. It might happen to your or someone you know.

Wash Your Hands!

We know this is important and have been told to do this since we were very young. And if you were never notified of this, I find that incredibly shocking. I will ask you to stop reading and “Go wash your hands!”

I don’t think there is anything else to add here, and it’s straightforward to do.

A Few Additional Tips

It seems that every article I have read says the same things. I will try to break it down to the five things I find are most important to remember. Maybe you can even make some of these tips part of your daily habits, and you will do them without thinking about it.

  1. Try not to be in contact with sick people. A fun story is always funny to me because when my ex was ill, I would sleep in another room. Most of the time, she, or I depend on who was sick, would sleep on the couch because it was easier to breathe in a recliner. But, what do I know, she’s now my ex.
  2. Remember to wash your hands regularly. It is essential to use hot water and soap. One thing I do is singing the alphabet song. I do the singing in my head, and sometimes I don’t. The point here is the song takes about 20 seconds to complete. Longer is better, but you get the point. Yes, you can use hand sanitizer as well, but nothing beats real soap and water.
  3. One of my pet peeves, DO NOT touch your face. I don’t like it when people stroke my face (I’m bald and am used to people rubbing my head, but my face is another story). The main reason is to avoid the unprotected areas of your face to include your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  4. If you have to cough and sneeze, don’t do it in the direction people are located! Just yesterday, I almost threw up on the guy who coughed on me. So gross! If you can, cough or sneeze into a tissue. If all else fails to perform the vampire cough (I’m pretty sure that was on the TV show The Office), but it is to use your elbow, so you aren’t putting your disgusting germs on your hands and then touching everything. I was recently at a store, and the cashier was wiping everything down after each customer (how thoughtful was that).
  5. The last thing is some useful information I received from a friend who is currently being self-quarantined. Do not go into public unless you are fever-free for 24 hours. The important thing here is that you are fever-free without using any medication. Have your friends and family do your shopping, order take out, there are even companies that will pick up anything for you and drop it off at your house.

Wrapping This All Up

Some of us out there in the big evil world are germaphobes. Yes, I am included in this group of awesome people. The thought of being around sick people makes my skin crawl. The thing I hate the most is being in public, the gym, grocery store, are when people don’t cover their mouths. Recently I’ve been saying things, and the people looked shocked that someone called them on their stupidity.

Just remember to be courteous to your fellow man, woman, and neighbor. Nobody likes to be sick, and it seems that each year the “flu” is getting worse and worse. Let’s all take a moment and try to kick this bug in the butt.

Do you know anyone with the Coronavirus or have additional suggestions for us?

Any additional information or things we can do will help us all remain, and please try to stay healthy (and blueberries are high in antioxidants and taste great too).


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  1. I enjoy the humor you add to your articles. Love the show Friends. And I laughed when you said that about your ex. And, when you said to stop reading and GO WASH YOUR HANDS.

    • Thanks! And that might be a reason why she’s an ex (among other things I’m sure too), and the only question is, did you wash your hands?


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