Welcome to Wilde Escape – And Our New Look

Dolomite Mountains

You might have noticed, the look of the site has changed!

What Do You Think Of The New Look?

I am interested in hearing what you think about it. Leave a comment below or send me an email at Eric@WildeEscape.com. Thanks again for stopping by and please feel free to look around!

Let’s get this started. If you want to skip this and go directly to the blog, click here. You can also get to the blog by clicking the “Blog” button from the above menu.

The Wilde Escape Blog has been revamped. This was my attempt to make the site easier to navigate. You will notice there are a few different ways to search for content.

Be aware, the location on some of these new features depend on how you are viewing the site. If you are on a computer, tablet, or phone, the placement of the menus may move. If you don’t see a menu, try to look at the bottom of your screen.

A few of these new features include:

    • The Blog (located at the top of the screen)
    • Categories (found if you hover over the Blog button)
    • Pages
    • A Search Button (the magnifying glass next to the Blog button)


As you already know, I want to provide content that is interesting and that you want to read. To do this, I often ask for topics you are interested in. My focus is on gear reviews, outdoor life, living a simple life, and hacks.

What Are The Things You Are Interested In?

I have even added a new category. I’m calling it preparedness, and it is going to make you ready for whatever life throws at you. For example, do you have a plan for everyone in your household if there is an emergency? Check it out for some ideas to consider.

With all that out of the way, Do you have questions on a piece of gear? Is there something you are interested in regarding living a minimalist lifestyle?

Let me know!

A perfect example is that I have received a few questions on the gear I use in my simple car setup. And now you know why many of the most recent posts have been dealing with my current Rav4 setup.

Thanks again for stopping by, and remember to check back often. I’m trying to post weekly, and often offer deals with GEAR I use!

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the new look too!

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  1. I tried to leave a comment, but it keeps saying it’s too soon.

    Anyway, love the new look.

    And…REALLY like the arrow that takes me back to the top of the page!

    • That’s strange, not sure why it says too soon. But thanks, I think the new look is easier to navigate and looks nicer. Thanks for noticing the arrow. I like that the best!


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