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Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here, and I have a confession to make. I’m a horrible speller.

To help me with this, I use Grammarly. It’s an excellent tool that has helped me in my writing, and I highly suggest you look into it!

Why Use Grammarly?

I know there are a lot of people out there that say they don’t spell well, have lousy grammar when writing, and don’t have a clue about what tense to use. Why do I know this? Well, because I am one of them.

I have worked hard trying to learn about English verbs, tenses, spelling, how to complete sentences, comma usage, and the proper use of a semicolon. By the way, what the heck is a semi colin?

If you care to know, one of the problems I have faced my whole life is dyslexia. Being this is one of my deep dark secrets; you will not be surprised to hear that I used to hide it. It was something that I was ashamed of and did not want to admit to anyone, much less myself.

Then I was talking with a friend and mentioned my issue. I was surprised to learn he didn’t have a clue. I guess I did an excellent job of hiding this darkness.

It was fascinating to me that I then learned it was something we had in common!

I quickly realized that we all have struggles in life. Nobody is perfect, and it is reassuring to know that you are not alone. I genuinely mean that. I have gone through some crazy things in my life. I used to keep them all bottled up but have found that it is not a good thing for your health.

Life-Long Struggle

As I mentioned, spelling has genuinely been a life long struggle. Growing up, I always tried to hide it the best I could.

Scrabble Game

Recently, I have decided to face my fears. Not only that but for me, this has always been the most significant overall shames that I have.

It always embarrassed me and haunted me.

I remember in grade school, and I would spend countless hours studying and trying to memorize things. I hated it when I found out that we were going to have spelling tests. I never did great at them but started developing ways to memorize words that would later be replaced by the next set.

Thank you, Mum!

You might be interested to learn that I honestly never remember how to spell anything. Yes, as I said, it’s one of the biggest shames I have.

It has taken me many years to admit to myself and others that I have this issue. I think that was one of the good things from my last relationship. She did a great job of helping me get over the walls I had built up. Being teased in school, not being able to spell, was just the beginning. The other stuff, well, that might have to be a different blog altogether.

Learning and accepting my flaw did not happen overnight. It took a lot of work, but I started to notice that I felt at ease as I began to be open and honest with others. That opened the doors to many great conversations and even offering some of the tricks that I use to help me out.

It’s always easier to know that you are not alone and there are others out there in the same boat as you.

It’s incredible how many people face the same shames, fears, and issues that you do. All you have to do is open yourself up. I know I feel better knowing I’m not alone.

Helping Others Out – When And Where You Can

When you go through something rough in life, it doesn’t take long for others to learn about it. For me, I like to use these rough times as a stepping stone to help others.

I always hope to help others. And if that means digging in and sharing some deep dark secret that you keep, do it. I am using the example of my spelling issue, but there are much more significant issues. I have even found getting out ahead of my spelling issue has proven to be a blessing for me.

Does spelling still make me self conscious? Yes, you bet. But I have embraced it and has helped me not be as worried. I simply let people know that I’m not a great speller. Don’t get me started about tenses. In my last job, that was a huge issue (I ended up making a spreadsheet to help).

There are always ways to hide, fight, or find a way around an issue you are dealing with. For my spelling issue, I discovered computers to be an excellent way to help me cope.

No problem but solutionComputers – My Saving Grace

The one saving grace for me was the computer spell check (I even use my phone for this, just use your voice prompt, and it does surprisingly well).

The spell check quickly became my best friend. But this best friend only does so much, and it only corrects spelling. Nothing else.

I have spent many years trying to find a way that I can fix my spelling and grammar problems. I have relied on my Mum as long as I can remember. But I have always liked being self-sufficient. Not only that, but I start this blog and do a lot of writing.

I cannot remember when exactly I found the answer to my prayers. But I have been so excited since I found Grammarly!

Not only does it fix and assists with spelling, but it also looks at your grammar and my greatest writing enemy tense.

There are a ton of additional benefits, such as:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Conciseness
  • Formality
  • Your writing tone
  • You can even add it to many different programs, like Google Chrome!

For me, all the help is not only welcome but needed. It is beneficial to know that I have a program there to assist me. I like knowing that the things I post are also getting a second set of eyes, and I hope that it is easy to read for you!

Wilde Escape – The Epic Blog

As you know, since you are reading it, I managed to start a blog. Having a blog has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. But with a blog, there is surprisingly a lot of writing.

When I first started the blog, I had some of my amazing and fantastic Mum and friends check my work before posting. There was a crazy amount of corrections, even after I used my basic spell-check. After all, the basic spell check only goes so far, and I needed a lot more.

I am now able to write a post, check it with Grammarly, and post it. I always want to provide quality content that is not only fun to read but also informative. It would be great to hear from you!

Grammarly – Worth Every PennyMany Pennies

I have been using Grammarly for months now and LOVE IT! I would highly suggest if for anyone that writes.

I used the basic, free version for a few weeks, but then I was offered a deal for Premium. Which I quickly purchased. It has been one of the best things I have done for my writing. I’m not as nervous putting my writing out to the world. I have found their software is straightforward to use, and I like how it even has suggestions for you too.

Since purchasing the premium version of Grammarly, I am happy to say that I use it daily. This company has completely changed my outlook on writing and makes it fun.

Don’t get me wrong, and I’m still very thankful for my friends and Mum, who, to this day, still find errors in my writing. Most of the time, they let me know right away, but sometimes they don’t. With that said, I welcome anyone that finds an error to let me know.

My overall goal with this blog is to provide the content you want to read.

It is sad to see there are still blogs and articles that have many errors in the first few lines. I say this because I will then leave. After all, if I can find them, that means it’s pretty bad. Not sure about you, but if something is difficult to read, I won’t.

Grammarly has given me a sense of calm when I write.

I can simply sit down and start writing. I later go back to fix the errors I can find. It’s sort of fun to see all the new errors Grammarly finds. The program does it all, and I feel it has improved my overall writing. There are always other suggestions the program will point out, and I can accept or delete them quickly.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I use the word “awesome” a lot, and am often urged to use other words to replace it. Not as impressive, but I understand I should mix it up a bit.

Play Blocks

Conclusions – Get Grammarly

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am a huge fan of this program. Grammarly has been a game-changer for me. This software has even helped push me over the hurdle of actually writing more. I mean, I have a blog and need to put some sort of content on it!

I recently started to go over my old blog posts to use Grammarly. I have been shocked by how many errors these posts had. I have done my best to fix everything I find promptly.

Well, now the cat is out of the bag. If you find an error, email me or post a comment below. Thank you ahead of time for your help!

So, are you in the same boat as me?

Maybe you are not a great speller, have a problem with using tense, or just need help with your writing? If so, I highly suggest getting Grammarly. If you decided to get it, or have already been using it, I want to know what you think!

Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Kept Writing Secret – Grammarly”

  1. This is a very heartfelt and vulnerable blog. When you wrote your first blog, it was like you were saying “challenge excepted, dyslexia! “

    You are brave to share your personal struggles with the world. I am so proud of you!

    • I always like to accept challenges; after all, nothing in life is easy!

      Thanks for always being there for me, checking my work, and being the best Mum someone could ask for. You are and always will be my rock!


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