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What better blog to share than something embarrassing that just happened to me?

Like most people, it’s been a busy week.

I decided that I should still try and be productive where I can. I must admit, today has been a pretty darn productive day so far.

I woke up, was thankful for that, and just got ready to run errands and finish moving!

As I’m out and about, I decided to take a break at a local coffee shop for my coffee fix (since my AeroPress is still packed). My coffee fix is nothing special, just black coffee.

Ordered it, found a seat, and started to get situated. I set up my laptop and noticed I was next to an outlet. Score!

I put my bag on the floor and saw a crazy glare from the window behind me. So, I pushed my screen back just slightly, and that’s when it happened …

spilling your coffee all over the place… My feet, on the other side of the small table, got really hot, and then I felt something wet. OMG!! I never put my drink behind my laptop. FOR THIS REASON!!


Now there is coffee all over the floor, me, and my computer.


I’m happy to say that my laptop bag is water-resistant, and I even have a waterproof small Sea to Summit dry bag.

Yes, I do enjoy gear.

The only part of my computer that got coffee was the lid/top and some on the keyboard (I cleaned up quickly).

Now that I’m typing this, I wish I had taken a picture of it. That would look really good. Dang it!

After the sheer terror of “What did I just do” and everyone looking at me (I also do NOT like being the center of attention), I was able to get it all cleaned up.

The staff were super friendly and got me more coffee!

After making sure everything was clean-ish. I went to the bathroom to clean up my legs, shoes, and head (being bald and embarrassed, sweat just drips off….people with hair just don’t truly understand).

The silver lining is that I like coffee and will smell like it for the rest of the day.

This reminds me that life happens even if we have the best intentions. Now I should try and actually get something done and be productive today. I just really wanted to share this.

Has this, or something similar, ever happened to you?

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