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Life is tough. There are many times when you travel alone with no care in the world. Then before you know it, you reach a crossroads or a “Y” in the road.

Then you have a decision to make. Which way do you go?

We are going to make this example a little easier and give you only two choices, right or left.

That is not all, and I’m taking it a step further. There is the easy, simple path and the rocky, unknown path.

Now, most people will stay on the natural and straightforward path, but some out there enjoy the adventure and lean towards heading to the unknown.

There are a lot of different considerations when deciding your route.

What it comes down to is deciding what is important to you.

There are a lot of different crossroads in life. For example, are you after making a lot of money, spending time with loved ones, having time to go on hikes, being healthy, stress-free, traveling, or just having freedom?

I’m also reminded of the “Choose Your Adventure” books.

How many of you actually stuck with what you chose? I’m not going to lie, and it was fun to see the different options and go back to the first choice if you didn’t like your first one.

You know you did the same thing!

The path that leads to a crossroads

The Easy and Simple Path

The easy path is one that has a steady and flat grade. It will have a few rocks, but it will be an easy walk overall.

You can take your time and takes breaks when you want.

You might have a lot of gear with you, but that does not matter because the path is easy and does not have a lot of hills or steep terrain.

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up, go to work, and maybe spend a few hours a day with someone you care about.

Then wake up the next day and do the same thing, over and over.

All you are looking forward to is the weekend when you get two days off if you are lucky and don’t have to work overtime. I was recently watching the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, which is what the easy path seems like to me.

What if you knew, although it is a simple path, it was also going to be stressful?

You would be going at it alone and not going to be with any of your loved ones.

This sometimes happens when we fall into a rut in life. We wake up and walk along, never really thinking about what is happening around us.

There are times when you don’t even remember what you did today, much less where you’ve been the last week.

It is an easy path, but at times even that can be pretty difficult, which brings us to our other option.

The Rocky Unknown Path

This is the unknown and rocky path.

Looking at this path, you can see it is a dark, gloomy area. The terrain seems rough, with rocks all over the place.

This path also seems to be going towards a large mountain in the distance.

On the side of a mountain, you see the trail going straight up, and this is also an area where you can fall at any time.

Not only is this path dangerous and unknown to where it leads but what if you knew it also had some fun sections?

Have you ever been on a crazy hike (the Overlook trail at Zion comes to mind), and when you get to the top, it looks fantastic?

It can be difficult at times not to know where your life is going, and it can feel like you are rock climbing without a rope or safety net.

What if you knew the view from the top of this mountain would be your life’s best and most amazing view?

the sun is setting on a sign that has different directions to go

What Should You Decide?

Sadly, life does not have a road map or east-to-follow GPS, but that would be perfect if it did!

During life, you will, at some point, need to make a difficult decision.

I generally make a Pro’s and Con’s list.

It is a way to get my thoughts down on paper. I usually use a computer for this (makes it look neat and tidy), but I have recently used the old pen and paper.

There is something about looking at the actual words you are writing.

Yep, this is one tough decision. As I mentioned before, sometimes the decisions will be easy, but other times they will be super difficult.

Let’s be real. Most of life’s decisions are going to be difficult.

When I am at the end of a path and could go right or left, it’s a tough decision.

In my life, I generally take the hard route and then battle my way through.

I will also take out my machete more often than I care to admit and create a third path.

What I refer to as the “Wilde Path” (that might be a new blog for me). Generally, nothing in life is easy.

I have been amazed at what I can accomplish when I have taken the hard path.

Not to mention, the views from the top of one mountain are always impressive.

From there, you can see the next, sometimes higher, mountain to climb. This has also allowed me to be in a position to help out others on their path.

It’s pretty cool when someone is facing something you already have and can become their tour guide.

Is it Worth It?

I don’t have the answer. Only you do.

This is the part of life that is really difficult and making tough decisions.

There are going to be times when the decision you make is going to be amazing, and you could not be happier.

Other times you will make a costly mistake and have to go backward, sometimes back to where you first came to the “Y” in the road.

Either way, I have found having people around you will always be a positive thing.

Having others to help you through difficult times and dust you off is an absolute must. This is also where this blog comes into play.

I am always willing to offer any of my advice but beware. I am pretty honest, so be ready.

So, unfortunately, it’s not a question I can answer. You have to choose for yourself what path in life to take. The hardest part is to have faith in yourself.

holding a compass overlooking a green mountain escape

Time to Decide!

What path are you going to take?

If you are facing a challenge or crossroads in your life, how are you going to face it?

Do you use the list idea, or do you have another way?

You can always start by finding what makes you happy.

I always like learning new ways how to decide things. And if you flip a quarter, that works too!

Feel free to message me personally if you have any questions or concerns, or better yet, leave a comment below.

It is always fun to read comments that pose a question.

Not only will you get an answer from me, for example, but you will also get perspectives from others!

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your journey.

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