Being Bald & Owning It

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In case you don’t know, I’m bald. And have been for over ten years. I have tried a variety of different products to include razors, safety razors, gels, creams, bar soaps, lotions, to name a few. There have been issues with some of these products, and there are some like I currently use, that have been amazing.Products I Use Daily - Wilde Escape

For years many of my coworkers rub my shaved head. They say things like, “It’s for good luck,” or even, “Wow, that feels crazy.” Come to think of it, I have also had random people rub my head. And still, others randomly ask if they can see what it feels like. At first, I wasn’t sure how to take this, but now it seems it is a common occurrence.

Now with that out of the way, it is not uncommon for friends to ask me about how I shave and the products I use. The exciting part is that recently I’ve been asked a lot more about my shaving routine. So here we go, Being Bald and Owing It!

Being Bald

Sometimes it’s a choice, and sometimes it chooses you.

If you are not bald, there are many things that you just don’t realize. One of the biggest is when it’s hot outside. Hair helps with keeping the sweat at bay, but when you don’t have any, the sweat just drips off your head. This can be a pain, but after a while, but you only get used to it. There are other times, like when you get embarrassed, it makes this a lot worse. While the sweat is dripping off, your head is when you very thankful for eyebrows. Getting sweat in your eyes is never fun.

So unless your bald, you just don’t know.

Razor and blades

The Razor

One of the essential parts of shaving is the razor you use. I have tried the mock 5, Gillette Power Fusion, straight razors, and two of the popular online shave clubs.

One of the important considerations is that I want to consistently have a sharp blade as well as something that doesn’t irritate my skin. I have found that I have ‘sensitive’ skin, so this is very important. The other consideration I have is the cost since shaving can get expensive.

My recommendation is Harry’s. It’s nice not to have to think about ordering the blades, and that also means I always have a sharp one ready to go! I have used other shave clubs but have decided Harry’s is for me. I have been with them for almost five years. Some folks might not like this, but if something isn’t made in the USA I like that they are made in Germany, after all, what isn’t cool that Germans make?

Special Note for new Harry’s customers, I was given a link to provide you with! If you are a new customer and want to give Harry’s shave plan a try, click here! You will not only get excellent products for a few bucks, but you will get $5 off too! Just another way of saying thanks for reading my blog 🙂

Something else that is nice to know is that you can get Harry’s blades in stores now (like Target in the US). This started over the last year or so and is pretty cool.

Staying on our Harry’s wagon for a bit longer, they have different products now too! For the most part, I use soap that was made by my great-grandmother. I enjoy using homemade items when I can, but sometimes I want something different, and this is where Harry’s soap comes into play. They have a few different scents, and none of them are bad. I like the stone sent currently the best. It’s a simple bar of soap that you can order when you want or get them shipped to you monthly (it’s effortless to add anything they sell on your next shipment, and you don’t pay for shipping, so that’s super nice).

Lastly, with this company, I have tried their facial scrub. It has little beads that exfoliate your skin with some peppermint. It works great, and I’m sure I will buy some more in the future.

Shaving Cream or Gel

This is another area where I have tried just about everything. This includes the cheap foam stuff your grandfather used, all the way to expensive creams, foams, gels, the old school thick cream or bar (that you lather up with a badger brush and is best used with a straight razor), and everything in between.

My recommendation and what I have used for years is Cremo. It is a cream that is “activated” by water. The cool part is that you don’t have to use a lot, and if you need to go over a section again, just used a little bit of water, and it will be “re-activated.” I’ve been pleased with this product. I’ve even had fewer nicks and cuts with it as it becomes very slick and smooth when applying.

Other Products Worth Mentioning

There are a few additional products I use that I have enjoyed. The first one is Kiehl’s. They have a line for women and men. I have liked a lot of their products but have narrowed it down to a few that I use all the time. Mainly since their products are a bit pricey, but I have found some cosmetic outlet stores sell Kiehl’s products. My brother loves their shaving cream, but I did not list it above due to not personally liking it. The products from them I use daily include the Facial Fuel line (face wash and lotion with SPF, you need SPF when you are bald!) and their hand salve (I get crazy dry skin on my hands, and since using this stuff I don’t anymore, it’s that amazing).

Two other Kiehl’s items I enjoy using are their chapstick and bar soap. I only get these items if they are on sale or I get a sample. If you go to an actual Kiehl’s store, this is the way you can try their other products by getting samples. Be super friendly, and they give you some awesome stuff! I will say that their soap is the best soap I have ever used. I like this stuff so much that if I ever find it at a discount, I will buy as many as I can. If you have a chance to try it…DO IT, and you will not regret it!

Another product I started using a few months ago is Manscape. This was one of those where the videos were hilarious, and so I thought I would give it a try. I guess this is marketing at it’s finest. As of this blog, I have tested two of their products and have enjoyed them both. I have the most important one, for guys, and so far highly recommend. It is something that is not really needed but worth it. You can also get their products auto shipped, so something else you don’t need to think about!

I have also purchased a mirror that I can place in the shower with the included suction cup. I still use the regular sink shaving but do enjoy shaving in the shower. It’s nice, and I think I even get a closer shave. It has something to do with the hot water and steam, but I’m not a science guy. I got this specific mirror from a company named ShaveWell, and I purchased it on Amazon. It has directions on how to use it but really straight forward, after a few minutes in the shower, run the mirror under the hot water, and stick it to the wall. I have found that it still fogs up, and I started using just a small amount of soap (or shave cream) on the mirror. I make sure it’s a thin coat that you cannot really see, the mirror then doesn’t fog up! I can shave like normal.

Old school shaving set upLeave A Comment!

It is pretty overwhelming on the number of products out on the market today. I have tried most of them, and the above are my recommendations. I think it’s still important to make sure that you use products that work for you and your skin.

Are you bald or have additional questions about being bald? Do you have any additional input or products you love?

Please leave a comment below. I will personally respond to all of them, and maybe we can all learn something new!

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2 thoughts on “Being Bald & Owning It”

  1. I thought this blog was interesting. I never gave a thought about what it is like to be bald and what a person goes through. How strange to me that people would want to rub your head. I suppose it’s like how everyone wants to touch a pregnant lady’s belly.

    • Haha, I know right! It’s actually pretty funny and I thought the same thing when people started asking. Then they always say, “That feels so strange.” It’s when people don’t ask and just go for it.


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