Life Happens – Redefining Your Priorities

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Life can throw curveballs at us all, and it’s easy to get bogged down in an endless list of tasks. But don’t forget to make time for yourself and reassess what truly matters!

Like so many of us, we have a never-ending list of things to do.

If you take it down to the basics, you might be

  • Going to school (or learning to improve yourself)
  • Trying to start a business or side hustle
  • Have countless family commitments
  • Working a full-time job
  • And much more!

Going back to taking a break. I like that one a lot, but then I always feel guilty about it.

Taking a break


Yep, taking a break is exactly what I was doing. Well, sort of.

During this break, One of my goals was to reread and update all the posts. I started strong, but then life got in the way.

It didn’t take long to realize I was no longer working on this goal.

Thus, I started feeling really guilty.

Last week, one of the articles I read (but didn’t update) was about developing your Mental Toughness.”

To be honest, I forgot I had written it, but it really got me thinking on a positive note.

One of those things was that I needed to focus on redefining my priorities.

For example, after returning from my road trip, I haven’t worked out as much as I would like. And, after adding a few extra pounds from eating garbage, I made a change.

I am making my health a priority!

As the blog I linked above mentioned, changing my mindset from a thought to a priority has helped me get back into the swing of things. I will say that I’m not going to the gym daily, but I am doing workouts at home to rebuild the desire.

Although simple, I’m happy to report that this mindset change has been working for a week now. I’m feeling better, eating better, and am pretty happy about it.

Life happens

All that to say that sometimes life happens.

You might have a plan to get things done, and then you realize all the other things you need to do. Getting overwhelmed in the process. You realize you didn’t do anything you wanted.

For me, a few things on my never-ending list include

  • Taking a few online classes (marketing, business, and SEO)
  • Working out (see how I put it at the top)
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Responding to emails and comments
  • Working a full-time job
  • Starting a business
  • And much more.

So now, I will start focusing on a few things to accomplish. That leads me to this post—just a way for me to ease my way back into writing.

This blog has been a lot of fun, but I want to do so many more things.

One of those things, which I’ll talk about shortly, is building. But there gets to a point when you have to get your feet wet. Or, as my old Chief used to tell me, “Go Do.”

So, I have decided to stop constantly thinking about it and get out there and “Go Do” it!


The side project

You might already know this, but Wilde Escape is not my first blog. I’ve tried (and failed) a few other blogs in the past.

Having this Personal Blog, if you will, has been truly amazing.

It’s opened a few doors and made me realize that I like writing and reading.

If you told me this when I was in High School, I would have laughed in your face.

But that is one thing I’ve done during this “Break.” I started to build out another website and slowly updated another.

As I write this, I will share my side project in another post. I would tell you now, but this will give me a few days to work on it.

But, as a teaser, know that I’ve wanted to do it for many years!

To help make this side project a priority for me, I purchased the domain. If you have never done that before, it’s a pretty awesome feeling, and I really like the name I got.

Making this new site a priority has helped me get excited to see what happens. Just be warned, I’m still building this new site, and I haven’t shared it with anyone else. So when I do, be kind.

Wrapping it up

I just wanted to take a quick moment and let you know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Click here for my next post, where I share something I’ve been working on.

As always, if there is anything you are interested in or have questions about, let me know! I will answer everyone and look forward to hearing from you.


Also, can you guess what my other website is?
Let me know in the comments below.
No cheating!

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2 thoughts on “Life Happens – Redefining Your Priorities”

  1. It is good to take a break.
    On a regular basis.

    I believe it helps keep us from getting too stressed out. Think about the times in your life that you couldn’t find the time to take a break, and I’m sure it was a very intense time without much happiness.

    The first step is to take the break.

    The next step is to not feel guilty about it. It’s important to have self care. Whatever form that may take … maybe it’s unplugging from the electronic world for a day, or not having a single thing on your “To Do” list for 24 hours.

    Give yourself permission to take a break.
    If you see someone close to you that needs permission, give it to them. It’s surprising what an impact that has made on me when I’ve heard it from others.

    On another note, it’s exciting that you have discovered that you enjoy writing. What a surprise for you.
    I find it to be therapeutic. It’s a creative outlet that can also be an emotional and spiritual outlet.

    • I think not feeling guilty about taking a break is more difficult than many think. It’s always like your letting people down.

      But, taking care of yourself is important. I’m reminded about flying when the flight attendants say to put on your oxygen mask before helping others.

      Just another reminder that self-care is important, and I think I need to go on a vacation.


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