Time To Get Away – My Road Trip Plan

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I keep talking with people regarding taking a road trip. Then I never plan anything and don’t end up going. I always seem to have an excuse.

The common ones are I need to work, I have other engagements, I do not have enough money, I’m tired, and so forth. But after my last post, I started to think about stuff I am interested in and want to do.

I know I can take time off, and it’s even encouraged. Even more, because I work in the ‘Outdoor’ industry, and that makes it even more exciting.

This thought hit me today while I was at the gym.

I realized how much the gym has thinned out. I must say that it is excellent because recently it’s been a lot more busy than usual.

It always seems that people are very eager to hit the gym during the first few weeks of the year. Then after a few months, there are fewer people, but then it is perfect for the rest of us.

So now, I requested time off, started a list, and decided to put it out there.

Putting information like this online is another way I have found to be a great incentive because then I feel I have to get stuff done. This will also be cool because I can write about the trip and what I find helpful and useful.

“Lifestyle Changes”

Returning to the gym today, I realized I do not set “New Year’s Resolutions.”

I have not set one for a long time. I know what I am interested in doing and things that will help benefit me. I do not want to wait for once a year to set a resolution or goal.

So, a friend of mine, Justin, told me about “lifestyle changes.”

I find it such a great idea! Instead of making massive changes in your life, make small changes that you can adapt to your life. These small changes are one way to sustain it for a long time and not just a month or two (typical for new year resolutions).

Some of the many resolutions I have seen involve wanting to make a change in health and fitness.

Instead of starting to hit the gym every day of the week, try doing bodyweight exercises at home. Then you can go on walks, hikes, bike rides, and then start to add the gym.

You can also start small and start eating better.

One perfect example is to cut out pop (or if you drink a few a day, just cut out one, then another the next week). The goal I have found works best for me is to take it one step at a time. It goes back to, ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ One bite at a time!

Since I’m talking about it, here is some additional information on two sites to check out.

The first is Justin’s website, and he is an awesome guy who always has excellent knowledge and has helped me out A LOT! The other site I read and am a member of is NerdFitness.com.

The road ahead with mountains

EPIC Adventures

Okay, let’s get back to what this post is all about. I go on tangents sometimes but hey, whatever!

In my last post, I wrote about leaving my job and focusing on myself a bit more.

This week I realized I keep talking about going on a road trip, not to mention the other things I want to do more. I was talking to a friend about this blog when I realized THIS is the time I have and decided to take for EPIC Adventures!

That is when I requested a few weeks off, and yesterday I started planning for a road trip.

I am still waiting for my time off request to be approved, but I am so excited about this trip. I will be going to ten states and driving about 5,000 miles.

All of this will depend on the weather, of course. I also hope to spend most of the time camping in my car.

My Road Trip Plan

I live in California, I know, I know, and have wanted to get away for a while now.

A few years ago, I had the fortunate ability to go to a few of our US National Parks. It was an excellent experience, and I cannot wait to return!

I am amazed at how I feel when I am at a National Park or Monument.

I have heard that the Grand Canyon is so surreal that unless you have been there, you don’t fully understand. I plan on going and seeing for myself!

There are so many amazing places in our world, but sadly I cannot go to all of them right now.

With that said, I am not yet totally sure what parks (National, State, and so on) I will visit, but I made a list of some I would like to see.

One that I cannot wait to go back to is Zion, but some below I have not seen. A few that have made the most current list include:

    • The Grand Canyon
    • Zion
    • Capital Reef
    • Arches
    • Devils Tower
    • Yellowstone
    • Glacier National Park
    • Olympic National Park

Other spots I might be driving past or near. A good example is Bryce Canyon. If time allows, it will be cool to stop by and maybe even take a quick walk while I’m there.

My biggest concern is the weather.

Where I live, it has been excellent weather but still around 30 degrees in the mornings. But you never know what will happen at higher elevations.

So this is one of my first trips. I will have a tentative plan but will see what happens when I’m there.

I am also excited to do some snow camping. Over the last year, I have gotten some gear that I think will help with the cold. I could list it all here, but I think that I might review some items while on the road.

Any Suggestions?

I want to see if anyone has been to any of the above locations. Feel free to include nearby areas too. And always include places you have any good camping or hiking spots there.

Please let me know!

I am still in the planning process, but I will be camping most nights and will use AirBnB or motels as a backup only. I have only made a few short trips in my vehicle, but I am excited to have the ability to sleep in the Rav.

I will also have a tent and a hammock because that’s always a great alternative.

Leave A Comment!

screenshot of the comment section in WordPressHave you left a comment yet? You totally should!

Where was the last camping or road trip you took?

Was it a solo or family trip, or were you with friends?

Do you have any excellent suggestions for camping spots or gear (I love to hear about what others are using)?

Any information is always welcome, and I would appreciate it.

Let me know in the comments below!

UPDATE: My time off from work got approved!

I am now planning my trip and cannot wait to leave (it’s hard not to go now)! Check back regularly if you want to stay up on this journey.

If you have questions or comments, please let me know below!

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6 thoughts on “Time To Get Away – My Road Trip Plan”

  1. I am so excited for your epic road trip!

    Awesome to take the time and do something you love… Go you!

  2. Sometimes not planning is a good alternative. I took a trip a few years back, knowing my first destination was Maryland and my second was northern Minnesota. Other than finding my first hotel in SLC and finding my way out of a closed Forest Service Road in Oregon, I used only paper maps. No GPS.
    Grand Canyon is great. North Rim more rustic and less touristy, but also closed in winter. Yellowstone was great too, albeit too touristy (traffic) in the late summer.
    PS – you give away your background referring to it as “pop.” ?

    • Thanks for your support and ideas! I love hearing about other adventures and that there are more of us out there. As far as being locked in the forest road, that is one thing I’m always concerned about (but honestly that all depending on the lock they use). Thanks for the tip about the Grand Canyon, I plan on looking that up today!

      Ha, I didn’t realize that I used pop. But your good at catching those things!

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. So proud of you! The first step is the hardest, but once that’s done … The rest just falls into place! I can not wait to hear all about the amazing adventures and the exciting things you have the opportunity to experience!!
    Plus! It’s so cool to do it alone. You get to decide what you want to do, when you want to do it. It’s all about you and it’s absolutely freeing.

    • Thanks! I’m excited and just want to leave right now 🙂 It will be cool to not really have a plan and only a guideline. If something looks exciting or fun, I will go for it. Also, I can’t wait to hear about your last adventure!


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