Getting The Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine

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The point of this post will be to document the fact that I am willing to get a shot. If you don’t know me, know that’s a huge deal.

Normally, I have to be forced to get them.

As we all know, COVID has been a crazy time for everyone. A few days ago, I was offered to get the Pfizer injection (click on the name to be taken to their website, there is a lot of information).

After some internal debate, research online, and asking friends that have already received it, I decided to go forward with the process.

It’s crazy to think that I originally wrote about COVID-19 back in March 2020, and now after just over ten months, I’m getting an injection for it! That seems very fast to me.



Before The Vaccination

I am one of those people that get sick really bad about once a year. Strangely enough, January 25, 2020, was the last time I had a small head cold. It might have been allergies, but I don’t know for sure.

The last time I was sick was in September 2019. Needless to say, I don’t get sick that often.

Most recently, I have been feeling great.

You might be wondering why I’m getting the vaccination. Well, mainly because I want to start traveling more, and I don’t want some stupid COVID thing standing in my way.

Plus, who likes being sick?

If you remember, I changed my entire life last year to spend time with friends and family and travel more.

We all know how that went last year, but honestly, I’ve done more in the last year than the last three combined. It’s amazing what happens when you focus on What Makes YOU Happy.

Day Before The First Injection

As you can imagine, there are a few things you need to get done before you get the injection. That’s paperwork.

I was also told there is another questionnaire you complete the day of. So as of right now, that is four pieces of paperwork.

There is also an agreement that you will return in 21 days for the second shot. So I’m signing up to get two shots for someone who doesn’t like needles! What the heck?

Health and body-wise, I feel great. I don’t have any symptoms, headaches, or anything—another reason why I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need it.

In case you forgot, I HATE needles!

needle getting ready for an injection

Pfizer Day of Injection

The time has come.

I’m writing this, drinking coffee (made from my AeroPress, the new method, if you don’t know what it is, I just updated that blog), and looking outside as the snow falls. It’s very peaceful.

I’m sure we have all heard stories about the different injections and what happens. Some people have reported lots of pain and getting sick from the injection.

I decided to share with you what happens before and after the vaccination. As you can imagine, this post will be updated every few days or so to document this.

Let’s get started.

I’m not too fond of this image, but I think it fits well here.

Getting the First Injection

Today is the day. I’m getting the first injection before heading to work.

As far as how I feel, besides a little anxiety, I feel great. Nothing to complain about.

I’m sure every place is different, but I’ll give you an overview of what happened when I arrived. The site was a large gym at a high school.

Not sure if you are familiar with the LEAN principles, but it is basically about removing unwanted movements. The focus is on making things proficient.

If I remember right, it started with the Toyota company, but many businesses apply the principles. Anyway, I will say that this crew learned about the LEAN principles because they were definitely at work.

There were signs everywhere telling you what to do and what was needed. A few staff members were also there to direct you if there were any questions.

Arriving at the school, it was marked that you walk into the front where someone was waiting at the door.

When I walked in, someone in front of me was not there for a COVID vaccination. He was turned away and told to return when the school was “Open.” I will mention that there were also bright signs everywhere saying the school was closed at noon.

Speaking of signs, everything was clearly marked.

There was even an area where we (the public) could walk, and everything was one-way. The hallway was divided into two sections, one with tables with people sitting there.

Another sign was in front of each table telling you what was required at that station. For example, screening (questions and a temperature check), ID verification, paperwork drop off, and then a staging area.

When I made it to the gym, I noticed there were chairs to sit on, and the gym was divided into three areas.

One was the pre-shot area, with tables in the middle with nurses and then an observation area. And as you might have guessed, signs are posted telling you where to go.

An employee at the door was there to advise what the process was.

When a nurse was ready, she raised her hand, and the employee at the door then told me to go to table number one (there were large numbers on each table).

The nurse was super awesome and friendly.

I decided to tell her about my needle phobia. She said a good trick is to look away so you don’t see it coming and hum a song that you like. Not going to lie, I always look away, but the song was a nice change.

I received the injection in my left deltoid. I felt a slight pinch and some warmth, and then the band-aid went on. That was about it.

I was then directed to an observation area, where I sat for 15 minutes. This is common for me, but once I was seated, I was shaking slightly, but as I mentioned, this is normal for me. After a few minutes, the shaking passed.

As I waited for my time, I could feel the injection site, which felt warm. After I was required to wait for 15 minutes, I was dismissed and sadly started my work shift.

After The Vaccination

Starting The 21-Day Waiting Period

In case you are wondering, overall, everything went well. I was very impressed by the process and the easy flow of everything.

Also, for me, it was fun seeing how the LEAN process worked first-hand in a wide-open environment.

I spoke with the head nurse, who said they would push through about a thousand people in only a few days.

Night Of Injection

I’m home now after working a full shift.

I’m not sure if it was the shot or not, but I started feeling really sleepy after a few hours of receiving the shot. And now, getting ready for bed, I feel some discomfort.

It’s not bad. Very similar to getting a tetanus shot.

But for now, all is good. Stay tuned as I will update this post on how I’m feeling over the next 21 days. And then, when I get my second dose, which is on 2/18/2021.

Side Note: After the injection, I was provided with a card. It has basic information along with your follow-up 21-day second dose. To ensure I have the information, I decided to take a picture of it with my Evernote app (yes, that was a plug for you to read about another one of my reviews!).

Don’t Forget To Stay Tuned For More Updates.

In the meantime, Have You Received One Of The COVID Injections?

If so, and you are okay with sharing, I’m interested in knowing how it went for you. Let me know in the comments below.


First Vaccination Update

This might be the only update I do unless I get more symptoms before the second vaccination.

The second day was probably the worst for me.

I woke up a few times during the night due to pain in the arm I received the injection.

It felt like either Georges St-Pieer or Conor McGregor punched my arm. Okay, I’m sure that would have been worse, but my arm hurt.

A friend of mine mentioned that I should move it around, similar to after a workout. You don’t want to sit around because you will make it worse.

I didn’t like that advice, as I had difficulty just moving my arm. But I did it and had most of the movement back by the afternoon.

Today is day three after the first injection, and I feel pretty great. I am not feeling tired anymore and still feel where the injection was. It does not hurt at all.

As I just mentioned, I might not update this again until February 18 (the date I should be receiving the second round). That is unless something changes in my health.

I hope this has been of some interest to you. I would still be interested in hearing your story about whether you are getting the shot. Even better if you would like to share the process you went through.

two-fingersThe Second Round – Shot Number 2

The day has come tomorrow, that is, for injection number 2.

As for today, and since getting the first injection of Pfizer, all is going well. I feel good and healthy as always.

The second shot is happening tomorrow afternoon, just before work.

I’m not going to lie, and I’m really not looking forward to this round. I’m happy that it is the final injection for Pfizer.

But I have heard about some really crappy things that happen after the injection. On a side note, thank you to all those that commented on my Facebook post.

It’s good to have an understanding before jumping in.

I would include what my friends mentioned happened to them, but I’m more interested in sharing my experience.

With that said, I will update you all after I get off work or the following day.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to leave me a comment if you have gotten the Pfizer injections too!

Unfortunately, I have heard it’s common to get sick. So I guess we will all see together.

48 Hour Update

Welcome back! I say that more for me since it’s been almost 48 hours since I received the second injection.

As for getting the last injection, the process was even more smooth than the first time. I think it had to deal with everyone pretty much knowing what to do.

So, if you didn’t read the process, I wrote look above for that.

The nurse, just like the first one, was great. She explained a few things after providing my paperwork (and the small card I got the first time).

  1. It will take 2-3 weeks to reach full immunity.
  2. Do not change your current COVID safety behaviors.
    • Continue wearing a face covering.
    • Maintain social distancing
    • Always wash your hands.
  3. Think of the Pfizer vaccination as an insurance policy

She also advised that it is common for people to show symptoms after receiving Pfizer’s second dose. After sharing some of the symptoms, she said, “Think of it as a good thing. Your body is building up a tolerance.

Okay, now for the shot itself. Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. It felt like a pinch, and that was it.

The only downside was that I didn’t get a smiley face bandage, just a normal tan-colored one.

After the injection, I went to the 15 min observation area, just like the first time. At about the 10-minute mark, the injection site (again in my left deltoid) started to feel warm.

Let’s fast-forward to five hours after the shot.

I was eating lunch, went to work after the observation period, and started feeling super tired. Before you ask, I generally eat the same thing for my work lunches, so that is not why I was tired.

I do recall being tired after the first injection, but this time was slightly different. My body also felt super heavy.

Once I got home from my shift, it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

Waking up the next day is when the symptoms really kicked in.

Image from

First, it felt like I got punched in the arm, again, similar to the first time.

Second, I realized I had a headache (side note, I don’t normally get these), and when I got up from my bed, I almost fell over.

In addition to all that, my body was still tired, my body ached, and I had a low-grade fever by the afternoon.

Another interesting thing was at the 24-hour mark (after receiving the second injection), I got super tired. By that, I mean it was tough to keep my eyes open. Needless to say, I took a four-hour nap.

That brings us to today; I’m almost at the 48-hour mark.

Honestly, I feel a little woozy (every so often, a bit dizzy), but nothing bad. My body aches are gone, as well as the low-grade fever.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If so, please let me know in the comments below.

I did my best to explain, maybe in more detail than was needed, how the process was for me. I also plan on updating if I get any additional symptoms.

Have you received your COVID vaccination? If so, I would also love to hear how it was for you.

Leave me a comment below!

30-Day Update!

Guess what? It has been about 43,200 minutes, or one month since I completed Pfizer injections.

I’m happy to report that I’m feeling great!

Besides the 36 hours after the shot, that is. I also haven’t had any side effects or issues with the injection site.

I haven’t grown hair, gotten a superpower, or grown a tail, I don’t think the government is tracking me, but I’m not that interesting either.

Best of all, to date, I haven’t gotten COVID either!

One of the main reasons for getting the vaccination was that I wanted to travel.

Some people told me it wouldn’t matter, but guess what? I’ve heard that it will matter.

I also just read that Iceland is opening up for travelers! But you have to meet certain criteria. I checked, and the shots I received worked. Maybe I need to check them out and get the travel bug back.

So, for now, I’m very pleased that I received the shots, and if you have the option, do it!

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2 thoughts on “Getting The Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine”

  1. First question.
    And the most important question:

    What song did you hum?

    Thanks for sharing your experience. A lot of us are filled with anxiety about needles in general, and what to anticipate during this epidemic.

    I also received the Pfizer vaccine. Actually it was on the same day as you. Actually it was at the same place as you. Actually… I saw you there!

    For anyone else who’s reading these comments, no I am not a stalker.

    I experienced the same well organized and quickly moving line at the school. The nurses and the staff were helpful and seem to actually be enjoying helping our community get through this.

    Day One I was feeling tired. That is all. No other side effects.

    Day Two still feeling tired and I could feel a little bit of swelling and warmth around the injection site. And just the tiniest bit of discomfort in my arm. No other side effects.

    Day Three just started and I feel fine.

    I am really really hoping the second vaccination will be this easy and not make me sick.

    Keep posting your updates!

    • Ha, in response to your question, and all seriousness, it was the Shots song. Yes, I know it’s a different kind of shot, but that’s the first thing that came to my head. I’ll try and post the song below.

      Duh, we went to the same place. That’s funny, and I agree. She’s not a stalker.

      Thanks for sharing your experience too! I am just about to update mine, as we had different symptoms. But nothing was all that bad.

      I just spoke with two friends that received the COVID vaccination (not sure which one, but both just to their second shots), and both are feeling fine. So I am hoping the second vaccination will be easy and not get anyone sick!


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