The 2013 Toyota Rav4 Journey: Photos and More

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It’s been great getting messages about my 2013 Toyota Rav4 conversion status.

Since getting them, I decided it was time to post photos in one place.

Additionally, I will add to this post as I make more improvements (such as the platform 2.0).

Regrettably, I didn’t take many photos when I first started camping in the Rav. But I have a few, and you will understand why I took the rear seats out and built the first platform.

Here is a quick rundown for those who are new or just finding this page.

Many years ago, I wanted to buy a 4×4 van when I had a better income. There are tons of options, but many were still super expensive.

Use What You Have

That is when I decided to use what I already had. A 2013 Toyota Rav4.

Before the Rav, I had a 1999 Ford Explorer. Say what you will about these vehicles. This one was freaken awesome. We had tons of room, a real 4×4, and some epic adventures.

But, having moved on from that vehicle. I purchased the Rav, mainly due to still needing four-wheel drive.

After camping many nights in the Rav4, I finally removed the rear seats.

Doing this gave me way more room (since space is limited in a smaller SUV).

With all that said, stay tuned for photos and even a video soon!

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