Rav4 External Lights – Short Post

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For those of you that have seen the current setup of my 2013 Toyota Rav4.

This “short” post is for you if you are wondering what lights I have on my Rav4.
Look below to get the essential information.
Stay tuned for a longer post.

I plan to write something up about why I chose what I did and how I hooked everything up.

But for now, this is just the raw basic stuff I used.

Please let me know, in the comments below, if you have any further questions.

The Controller

This controller, by AmeriLite, was a game-changer. It’s easy to install and has a remote. The best part, you don’t have to go through your firewall!

The Lights

Now the fun part, the actual lights.

If you have been in the market, you may already know this, but finding the lights you want can take a ton of time.

Since I don’t know much about this stuff, I decided to go on the inexpensive side. My idea is that I can upgrade later, assuming I like this setup.

Doing it this way will allow me the ability to see what I like and don’t like.

You might be wondering why not get the good stuff. But, like many of us, I have spent so much money on things that I ended up not liking.

I decided to put lights on all four sides of the Rav, and with the controller, I can control them individually. As you will see, the lights that I have on the sides of the Rav came as a pair—worked great!

The front lightbar

The front lights are a 26″ lightbar by Nilight. I found this to be on the cheaper side but still got good reviews. I also knew I wanted the 26″ because my ultimate plan is to these inside the Rav’s grill (currently it’s on my roof).

The rear lightbar

The rear lights are a 14″ lightbar by Zmoon. After some research, I chose this little guy. It’s much smaller than the one above, but I like the single row of lights (appose to the three from above).

The sidelights (aka ditch lights)

The sidelights I went with came in a pair. I found that most ditch lights do this. It worked out great.

I may at some point make them proper ditch lights, but for now, they are on the side of my Rav.

The ditch lights are called LED Pods by Nilight. For the price, they are surprisingly bright and fit perfectly in my Thule basket.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. My idea was to keep this short and sweet. Remember to keep an eye out for my post that goes into more detail about this post.

Did this help you or give you an idea of a direction to go? Let me know!

I want to know about your lighting system.

That is if you have a setup on your vehicle. This is for everyone to see the different options. But also, because I have a strong feeling that I will be upgrading this current setup in the next year or two.

And before you ask, yes, there are many options you can take for this. My main reason for this setup was cost and determining if it would be worth a more significant investment. I’ll go more into it in the longer post.

For now, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out or leave a comment below.

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