Driving Down The West Coast

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As I ended the last post, I can take a few different directions on this last stretch. Part of me wants to take my time, and the other wants to get home and unpack.

But honestly, I don’t want it to be over. The coast has such cool weather, and it seems everywhere else is hot.

So, my compromise is going to be taking Highway 101 back home. This keeps me along the coast for most of the journey, and I can easily stop along the way.

Leaving Olympic

For the last time, I woke up in a big comfortable room I rented for two days. It’s funny how simple things (flushing toilet, shower, running water, air conditioning, and an ice machine) really make things a lot easier. Did I mention they have free coffee too?

What’s Better Than A Free Cup Of Coffee?

By the time I left Olympic, the weather started to change for the better. It was nice because I knew sleeping in the Rav would be a lot easier.

This also meant that I wanted to stay a few more days. But, since we are rounding the last part of this trip, I sadly need to get back to work and the real world.

That isn’t to say that the trip is over. I still have a few things I’m going to do along the way home.

Driving Down The West Coast


My first stop was Seaside, Oregon which I was just here with a good friend of mine. And yes that was the same trip that had a crazy story about an unwanted visitor in our cabin (click the link above to read about it).

The next destination is one that I’m pretty excited about.

If you didn’t know, I’m from the real cheese state (Wisconsin) and have always loved cheeses.

If you want to know where, it’s Tillamook, Oregon. I still cannot believe that I’ve never been there.

But, since I was relaxing in Seaside, I got to Tillamook late, but I had a few camping locations in mind. I settled on camping out super close to the Tillamook cheese factory, which I am going to visit when they open.


The cool thing is that I’m in an area with many other campers (just a few images above).

It’s fun being around like-minded people. But I need to get better at meeting more of them. It started raining and most of everyone was already inside their vans, RVs, and trailers by the time I got there.

I got up before the company opened, near where I parked. I also think I was the first to leave the area. I got some coffee at a local shop and realized I had some time to kill before getting my breakfast of champions.

Rav4 Update

The Rav has done great on this trip. I have no complaints whatsoever (will besides it not being a van I can stand up in).

But I cannot complain since I’ve gotten to everywhere I wanted to go, I’m getting 26 miles per gallon, and everything I need fits perfectly inside.

One thing about road trips is that you have to be ready for when things happen to your vehicle. The Rav needed some tires, but I was sure I could make it through the trip. But, since there was a Les Schwab about a mile away, I decided I may as well get a quote.

Not only did Les Schwab agree that I needed tires, had four of them in stock but said they could get me in right away. I didn’t even have an appointment. Knowing this is something I need anyway, having the time, I decided to go with it.

About an hour later, I was on the road again and heading to the Tillamook Creamery.

Breakfast Of Champians

I made it to the creamery, and I have to admit, it was a lot of fun (for being in Oregon).

In all honesty, I really do like their cheese but have never had their ice cream. You can guess what the first thing I did when I walked in…I located where they served the good stuff.

All I have to say is this, and you need to try their ice cream. Talk about the best breakfast ever!

After my amazing breakfast, I did their self-guided tour. It was interesting but would have been nice to go on a real tour. Maybe they will start them up sometime soon.


Continuing Down The Coast

Prior to getting to another friend’s house, I was able to stop at Devils punch bowl, Cooks Chasm, Spouting Horn, and a few others.

I ended up spending a lot more time on the coast than I expected, but looking at the weather I wasn’t looking forward to triple digits again.

Eventually, I made it to Medford, Oregon, ran some errands, and then met up with some friends. This trip has not only been filled with hiking, epic views, but I’ve been able to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. And that makes it worth everything.


The Last Leg

I’ve reached the time where it is bitter-sweet. You know, when you know the journey (vacation) is about over.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the weather has been a pain. Not only that, but there are fires in northern California, and it’s blocking some of the freeways.

So, this leg of the journey is going to be interesting.

I originally planned on spending a night or two in Mount Shasta, but that is going to change. Once I arrived there, the smoke was very bad and the last thing I wanted to do was sleep in it.

But, that didn’t stop me from getting sticky buns from Yaks. I’ve mentioned these in the past, but if you are in Dunsmuir, this is one restaurant you need to stop at (and get some sticky buns because they are amazing)!

Wrapping Up This Trip

I’ve decided that I will take a few days away from writing. But I plan on doing a separate post about what I’ve learned on this trip.

But for now, I wanted to say that there were many ups and downs on this trip, but overall it was EPIC!

I know I use that word a lot, but I think it describes me, this blog, and this trip perfectly. Epic!

I learned many things about my planning, being spontaneous, and what life on the road would be like (if it ever becomes full-time for me).

If you didn’t know, I planned on making this trip last year, but COVID stopped it dead in its tracks. So, finally, being able to complete this journey was a long time coming.

For now, I need to unpack the Rav and get ready for my work week. Granted, it’s only a two-day week, almost like I planned that.

Stay tuned for my post for my final thoughts on this road trip 2.0.


If you have had any questions regarding my trip or want me to elaborate on anything I’ve done, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Driving Down The West Coast”

  1. How wonderful it must have been to see the coast! The cooler temperatures there are always welcome. For me, it’s always incredibly beautiful and an opportunity to reflect.

    Yaks sticky buns!
    There’s nothing else like them in the world.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures on your epic road trip 2.0. Clearly, the only thing that would have stopped you would be a worldwide pandemic.

    Definitely there have been ups and downs. You started and ended your trip with major wildfires around you. The heat and the bugs definitely created challenges. Meeting up with old friends was priceless. Seeing parts of our country for the first time was awesome. Your blogs make me feel like I was along for the ride. Without personally experiencing the hardships, or the possibility of being attacked by a grizzly bear.

    Congrats on your new tires. That means you’re ready for the next adventure!

    • OMG, the sticky buns were so GOOD!

      This was an amazing trip. I planned on posting (today) a “Final Notes” or something similar. But, sometimes, life happens, and it will come out later. Thanks for the comments, and I cannot wait till my next adventure (when it’s cooler).


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