The Stupid Car Tray You Need

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I realized something as I was writing my latest post while on my road trip. This is the 100th post on Wilde Escape!

How crazy cool is that?!?!

For the 100th post, I figured I needed to do something related to this trip. I also have enjoyed doing gear reviews, so it seems fitting to review one of the items I’ve been using on this trip.

What is it, you ask?

Well, this is going to be about something stupid I purchased—the Stupid Car Tray.

Yep, you read that right. You are about to read about my latest purchase. But before you do, I want to make sure you know this is not the same thing as the steering wheel tray I reviewed previously.

I will say that between these two car trays it has changed the way I feel about my car. Having a surface to eat and place things that I know will not fall over is truly a game-changer!

You might be wondering why, well, I’ve tested and used this car tray A LOT. I also want to share the things I purchase, both good and bad. But, sorry to spoil it, this one is amazing.

I also know why it got its name because it’s stupid amazing! If you want to know why you need this tray too, let’s get to it.

The Stupid Car Tray You Need, At A Glance

Name: Stupid Car Tray

Website: Click to View the Amazon link here

Price: $32.95

Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

A Stupid Car Tray Product Overview

This little tray is amazing at creating a level surface that rests on your passenger seat. This creates a convenient place that you have been missing.

What makes it even more efficient is an elastic strap that allows you to secure anything to the tray. Speaking of straps, there is a smaller one on the back to secure it to your seat (putting it around the seatbelt) if you choose.

The two features I like the most:

  1. The rubber ring around the perimeter of the tray. This keeps things in place, even while making a turn or on a bumpy gravel road.
  2. Two hooks on the front for hanging things. I currently use it to hold empty plastic bags (for trash) and my face mask.

In a nutshell, this thing is hilarious. It’s definitely not needed but has been very useful so far on my road trip. It’s kept everything where I need it, holds snacks perfectly and even supports my Yeti cooler if I need to move it to the front seat.

The best part, everything stays flat, which is something I wanted.

You can read the details on the Amazon page. But they also say you can use this Stupid Tray for a laptop holder, lap desk, and on your couch.


Not going to lie. I had this on my watch list on Amazon for a while. I only decided to purchase it after trying to make my own. I didn’t particularly appreciate how the wood was digging into my seats, and it wasn’t really what I wanted.

Then, after a lot of internal debate, I purchased it.

I’ve used it for so many things and have to say this thing is totally worth it. Not only is it great to hold things, keep items from falling, but it’s been perfect for my road trip.

I’m easily able to fill my water bottles, hold my food, and even strap items to it I’ll need later.

This is made sturdy enough to hold my cooler, Jackery, and everything else I’ve tested it on.

This tray is so genius it’s crazy. I wish I came up with the idea. It’s that cool.

Who Is This Tray For?

I can honestly say that anyone can use this seat tray. It would be best if you don’t need to use your passenger seat, but it’s also effortless to remove.

This tray is perfect if you work in your car (for work, freelance, or rideshare), commute, or need a flat surface to write on.

Being able to organize everything and keep items from falling off your seat is truly amazing.

Click Now To Get Your Stupid Car Tray Today

The Good & The Bad

The Good

I’ve tried this tray in a few vehicles, and so far, it’s fit on all the passenger seats. It’s been so handy to have a flat surface in the Rav that I’m telling everyone about it.

I planned on trying it out for a day or two and then return it. My thought was to get the idea out of my head. I mean, who is going to spend $30 on this? Boy, was I wrong.

Well, again, to my surprise, it actually works well. Holds food from falling over the place with the grips on the side and the elastic strap it comes with. There are holders for hand sanitizer, pens, and all the snacks you can think of.

Since being on my road trip, I’ve enjoyed sharing some of the things I’ve done to the Rav. The best part, I get to show them this stupid tray. At first, people say, “okay, cool.” But then realize it’s actually pretty stupid awesome.

The Bad

I feel this is a common negative, and it’s the price. It could be lower, but then again, I have no clue how much it costs to make it.

On top of that, this is not something you need. It is totally an extra thing that many people can easily live without.

But, if you have the ability, it’s pretty cool. Also, if you are working on a van conversion yourself, this tray will help keep stuff off the floorboards and from falling between the seat and door.

My Final Opinion of The Stupid Car Tray

This has been an awesome addition to the Rav.

Have you had issues with things falling off your seat? Or have you stained your seat from the food you are transporting? If so, I really think you need to consider this seat tray.

This tray has worked so well during my road trip I cannot suggest it enough!

If you have any further questions, let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, click the image below for the most current price on Amazon! Then come back and let me know you purchased it. I cannot wait to hear what you think about this simple and amazing tray.

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6 thoughts on “The Stupid Car Tray You Need”

  1. My partner drives a car and he sometimes eat in the car. I might recommend a car tray to him. It’s actually a good idea and I have seen a article on it before. 

    It’s good you did a review on this so I know to avoid it. How about the steering wheel tray? Is it good? Thanks for your review.

    • The Stupid Car Tray is honestly really cool. It has really helped while being in my Rav. Additionally, the steering wheel tray is even better. There are a few different ones, but I wanted one that I could easily set up and put away. I actually keep it behind a seat organizer and use it all the time.

      If I only could purchase one, it would be the steering wheel tray. Mainly because I use it a lot and it is so worth it. The Stupid tray is a good addition tho.

  2. If I ever read a convincing review – that was it. There are usually two of us in the front seat. But it would be nice to have a place to put things between the seat and not have things fall to the floor or fall between the crack. Do you think that this would work for that?

    • Hi, I honestly do not think this tray would work for that mainly because its design is to level out a passenger seat (there are two legs on the back to create a flat platform).

  3. This is such a stupid cool product! Very creative marketing for them to give it this name.

    After seeing how useful this is, I also endorse this product. Even for every day travels. Things slide off my seat all the time. Sometimes it falls between the cushions, or worse it can end up on the floor or lost forever. It’s also very handy when transporting Chinese food so the sauces don’t end up tripping all over my seat.

    I’m not clear why Fatoumata commented that your review suggested to avoid this product. You did the exact opposite in this blog. Perhaps they should read what you wrote one more time. Lol

    The fact that you, as a minimalist, give thumbs up to a product that is not a necessity says a lot.

    Your 100th Post!!!

    • Haha, it’s awesome to use when transporting any food! Not only that, if any sauces get through the bag, it ends up on an easy-to-clean tray.

      And thanks for the 100 post shoutout…it’s super cool!


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