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Today I want to share with you where I go to get my daily news from. If you are like me, watching the news has a tendency to make you frustrated and, at times, angry.

Early last year, I found The Morning Brew, and I have been reading it every day since. Not only do they have a great way of delivering the news daily, but they even have different newsletters as well as a podcast!

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I don’t want to admit this, but it’s been nice having an email show up in my email every morning.

Generally, I get the Morning Brew as I’m waking up and drinking my coffee.

I have really enjoyed the very well-written articles. They have truly changed how I view people in the media, and they aren’t all that bad.

Great Delivery

I think the main reason I like The Morning Brew so much is that they have a great way of delivering the news. They have a very easy to follow format, excellent photos, GIFs, and even fun stuff thrown in along the way.

If you want to get extra newsletters throughout the week, check out their other options, such as a retail newsletter, tech newsletter, and even a marketing newsletter (the one I will check out after I am done writing this).

I’m not sure if you can still subscribe to this one, but I also get their newsletter called Sidekick, which has some entertaining and neat information from around the internet. It drops in my mailbox a few times a week in the afternoon.

Additionally, since I do a lot of driving, I have been listening to more podcasts recently. Well, they have their own podcast called Business Casual. In this podcast, host Kensey Grant covers many interesting topics that I have enjoyed listening to.

Fun Way To Be In The Know

It’s been a very long search to find a GOOD news outlet that I actually enjoy reading.

I remember being lost when friends were talking about what is going on in the world.

Those days are well behind me. It’s been fun knowing what others are talking about! And being able to add to the conversations was one reason I wanted to share this resource with you!

If you would like more information about The Morning Brew or click here to check it out for yourself, leave a comment below. I will do what I can to answer all your remaining questions. If there awesome questions, I’ll update the blog post to include them and let you know.

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2 thoughts on “The Morning Brew”

  1. I really like The Brew!

    Their writers have a refreshing perspective and allow the reader to have their own opinion. They have a way of leaving me informed without bringing me down.

    I like how I can easily scroll past topics that I am not interested in. That said, I often read all of it.

    • I could not agree more or have said it better myself.


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