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Wow, now you have done it! You clicked the “Don’t Click Here” blog. I’m not quite sure what that means about you.

What makes us want to do something when someone says, don’t?

I’ve often wondered this, mainly because if someone says, “Don’t touch the red button,” the only thing I can think about is touching the red button. Do you feel the same way?


There is so much content online; it almost boggles my mind. Not to mention there isn’t anything you can’t seem to find online. But that got me thinking about how to get people to click on the blogs that I write.

Since starting this blog, and something that I didn’t think would happen, I have started reading a lot more.

Reading has always been a lifelong goal of mine. Who would have thought all I had to do was start a blog!

It will come as no surprise that one of the interesting topics I’ve been reading about is headlines. You know, the first thing you read when looking at blogs, papers, news, and every other piece of content online.

So, my new quest is to create captivating headlines. If you ever have suggestions, let me know. This headline, “Do NOT Click Here,” is the perfect example. You clicked it, not having a clue what it was going to be about.


Doing Something You Shouldn’t

Let’s get back to the main question: Why did you click the button?

I’m sure there are a few answers to this, but they will all pretty much be the same. It was because you were told not to. How’s about that for an answer!

Maybe you thought there would be something amazing here, and you didn’t want to miss out (also called FOMO, which is the fear of missing out).

Or you can relate to me and don’t like being told not to do something.

Side Note

Since I have you here, what are some topics you are interested in? I would love to hear them.

And don’t forget, we have a new section for Winter Rec (click that last link to learn a little more). I even moved two blogs over to that section to get us started.

You can reach me via email me, find my email on the About Us page, or, better yet, leave a comment below. But before you go, I have one last thing.

Wrapping It All Up

Before you ask, yes, I know this is a shorter blog. Sometimes it’s nice to have something short and sweet. And let’s be real. I didn’t know what else to write. I just wanted to know why you decided to read this post.

So let me know. I’m curious about the reason you decided to click and read the post.

Don’t forget to tell me why in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Do NOT Click Here”

  1. This was a fun read! And, I don’t mind things that are short and sweet.

    Why did I click here?

    Clearly, it was because I was told not to.

    It’s a trait I’ve handed down to the next generation.

    • That is awesome, and I don’t know what you are talking about (handing it down to the next generation) 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, and glad you clicked it. I want to know more about why others have clicked it. I’m sure most will agree with you because they were told not to.


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