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Last Updated: July 25, 2022

Have you been looking at minimizing your caffeine consumption? I know I have. In fact, I started realizing a few things:

  • My daily brew doesn’t pack a punch as it used to (sad reality)
  • I’ve been drinking a lot more than I want (shocking)
  • If I stop having a cup in the morning, I get a crazy headache (symptom)
  • I am addicted to caffeine (my realization)

Can you relate to any of the above?
Or better yet, what have you done to limit caffeine consumption?

Before you ask, yes, I have tried to drink tea. It works sometimes, but it’s not the same as coffee. I enjoy tea, but it doesn’t give me the boost that coffee does.

Then I started hearing about Mud, or better yet, Mud/Wtr

I started looking online for all the reviews and videos I could find. I ultimately decided to purchase my first shipment of Mud.

I have to say. My experience is close to many others.

Just a side note, I will be referring to Mud/Wtr as Mud, as you might have started to notice already. It’s easier, and that’s just what we will be doing. Just remember that I’m not talking about actual Mud but rather the powder. 

You will get $10 OFF your first purchase by clicking this image!

Coffee Break

I know it would be easier to keep drinking coffee. But I don’t like being dependent on it, and frankly, I am.

So, every so often, as I’ve done in the past, I like to take a break from coffee. It’s also a fun play on words, taking a “Coffee Break.”

When I have done this coffee break, I experience some withdrawals, headaches being the most common and the ones I really don’t like. But I know it’s temporary and generally only lasts a few days. And after I know, I will feel better.

To accomplish this, I start drinking more tea and sometimes chi. But this break is going to be different. I have been interested in seeing what Mud/Wtr is about.

What Is Mud/Wtr?

Now You Know Why It’s Called Mud

First, what the heck is this Mud thing I’m talking about? First off, again, it’s not real Mud, silly. But if you look at the image, you might think it is.

When you visit the Mud website, you will see the quote, “We’re not mad at coffee, just disappointed.”

You can click the quote above to learn more. Otherwise, here is what’s in each scoop:

  • Masala Chai – Black tea powder, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, and cloves.
  • Cacao – Improves mood, increases alertness, enhances performance, and strengthens your immunity.
  • Lion’s Mane – Added for your brain to inspire clarity, creativity, and mood.
  • Chaga – Cultures have been drinking Chaga for centuries for anti-aging properties.
  • Reishi – Added to support your health and immunity.
  • Cordyceps – Optimizes oxygen uptake and delivery to increase vitality and endurance.
  • Turmeric – A powerful anti-inflammatory used in Chinese and Indian medicine for millennia.
  • Cinnamon – It’s anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory while being pro-tasty.
  • Himalayan Salt – Hydrates the body, balances its pH levels, and gets your body some much-needed minerals.

Something to keep in mind. Mud does not include any sugar or any other sweeteners.
Another thing to note is that although Mud contains mushrooms, it’s not the one that will make you trip out.

The Mud Community

While searching for reviews, I found a rather large Mud community. But then again, you can find community around almost everything.

Not only that, but I like Mud’s marketing team. They have some fun ways of getting the word out about this product.

And because I mentioned above, I didn’t photograph my “First Unboxing” of Mud. I searched ‘YouTube’ to find one of the videos I liked the best. So check out the one below, recorded by Adam (from City Trekker).

If you watched the video, you would see Adam ordered the starter package. This package comes with a 30-day supply of Mud, a sample of the creamer, and the Whip (something I like).

I think this video is very well done, and Adam has the same first reaction I had.

The difference was that when I used the Whip, Mud spilled everywhere.

Here are a few tips for using the Whip (you can thank me later)

  • Use a larger mug than you think you need
  • Don’t put all the liquid of choice in the mug (you can add more later)
  • Hold the Whip at a slight angle
  • Never put the Whip all the way in your mug

If you didn’t watch the video but want to see his first reaction (again, similar to my own), jump to 8:59 in the video. Yep, that did it for me, too, “Tastes healthy.”

After drinking Mud daily for a while, I have started liking it. If you want to know how I drink my Mud, I’ll put that towards the end of this review.

If you are interested, Adam shares how he makes his Mud at 11:59 in the video.

My Reactions To Mud

In this section, I’m going to share with you my honest review of Mud. I took a few notes from the last 30 days and wanted to share them with you. If this doesn’t interest you, skip to the next section on how I make my Mud.

Before Trying

Before deciding to purchase Mud, I had one big question. Is it worth it? I have tried other subscription companies (most recently Athletic Greens, but damn, that product is expensive. If you are interested in what I think of AG, click here or leave me a comment below).

It didn’t take long to find they have an introduction offer, which I shared above. You get the Mud, creamer, and the Whip (an excellent device that mixes and froths).

I used a link that got me $10 off my first purchase. If you want to get your own $10 off, click here or on any of the photos in this post!

After deciding the price was worth paying, my next question was if it would work?

I’ve tried other coffee alternatives and haven’t liked any of them. So, I returned to their website and looked at all the ingredients.

Mainly due to having food allergies. I was pleased to find that I can drink Mud!

Did I really say that?

The Shipment Came!
My bad for not doing an unboxing. Maybe next time

First Taste Test

As I mentioned, I was very excited and maybe too excited.

My first impression was that I liked how the product was shipped. Not only was the box fun, but they packaged it so that nothing moved around or shifted.

Again, I got the starter kit.

I immediately opened the Mud container. I did something that I usually didn’t do and smelled the powder.

I’m happy to report that it smells good, almost like sweet chai (which we’ll talk about in a second).

I got some hot water to make my first cup. I made it the “OG” method with hot water and a spoonful of Mud.

With my first sip, I realized it did not taste as it smelled. It’s more of a healthy taste.

The closest comparison I can make is that it tastes like unsweetened dirty chi tea, which has never been my favorite.

Day Two of Mud

Today I decided to put the coffee aside. I boiled my water and pulled out the coconut creamer sample packet with my starter kit.

It made the Mud taste better with the creamer, but I still didn’t know if I liked it.

As a side note, when I wake up in the morning, I make coffee. Another reminder, this was my first day without coffee in, I don’t know how long. As a result, it wasn’t long for the headache to kick in.

I also wondered if this Mud experiment would be worth it.

I started dreaming about coffee. After all, the day prior, I was camping. I made coffee and listened to the birds singing when I woke up.

Then, the pounding headache made me snap back to reality.

I pictured drinking the Mud in my hand instead of coffee while camping. I doubt Mud would give me the same birds singing, coffee aroma, and peace.

First Week(ish) Recap

First of all, as expected, the headache won.

Reading the Mud website suggested, to us coffee lovers, to slowly remove coffee. AKA, don’t just stop cold turkey. I would have to agree, As I gave in and started making coffee most mornings.

But, since drinking Mud, I’m drinking way less coffee!

I feel for those who get headaches. As someone that doesn’t generally get them, they are rough.

Getting back to the taste of Mud.

I’ve never liked drinking any “Dirty Chi” teas, but Mud seems a bit different. I think I’m starting to enjoy Mud.

I have found a few ways I enjoy making it and continue experimenting with others I see (from the Mud community).

Another interesting thing is that I do feel more focused after drinking Mud.

Even better, some days, I wake up and don’t feel like having coffee. I instead reach for Mud. How crazy is that?

With this experiment, I’ve been very interested to see if I get the benefits the company talks about. During my Mud experiment, I achieved some of the following:

  • Alertness
  • Some energy but no crash
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Sleeping better
  • No jitters, which is common with other caffeine drinks and coffee

How I’m Using Mud

If you decide to try Mud, read their website, or check out other reviews. You will quickly notice there are endless options on how to make Mud.

I think it’s best to think of it as a base. You can experiment for yourself and come up with what works for you.

As I promised, I’ve been enjoying my Mud in two ways.

  1. Room temperature water or cold milk.
  2. Adding it to my smoothie or chocolate protein powder.

Since my Mud experiment, I have been getting a few questions already. So I will answer a few below before wrapping this all up.

Questions About Mud

Again you can check out their website for more information or click on any picture in this review, but here are my reactions to your questions.

What to do with the sediment?

First off, after my first cup, I realized what this meant. Remember not to drink all the way to the bottom of your cup! Some sediment (or sludge) will be at the bottom, which tastes very chalky and not very good. What I do, and what the Mud team recommends, is add some more liquid, stir it up, and drink to the bottom.

Do the mushrooms make you feel funny?

I’m not going to lie; I also had this question. Interestingly, they do not make you feel funny or trip. Not only that, but the mushrooms are organic and grown in Carlsbad, CA.

The biggest question comes from my Mum, “Why are you drinking Mud if you don’t like it?”

This will be a long answer because I have two examples for you. It’s funny how they are both alcohol-related, but bear with me.

I remember the first time I tried the beer. It wasn’t enjoyable! I wouldn’t say I liked it. Then many years later, I tried it again but still didn’t like it. Then, it grew on me, but I never “wanted” a beer.

Until I realized I love Guinness, my trip to Ireland made me realize that I love stout beers!

The other, possibly more relevant example is when I first tried Fernet.

I could talk about what Fernet is, but I know it could be described as a mixture of Listerine and Vodka. You would think that is not something you would ever want to drink. Guess what, and I LOVE IT!

I blame my ex-brother-in-law, who made me drink it. At first, I thought he was insane. Then, after about seven times choking it down, I started to like it to the point where I bought it by the bottle.

Talk about crazy. Many friends still think I’m strange for liking it, but it’s delicious. Not to mention, I know nobody else will drink it (win-win).

Both examples show that there are things you need to give a chance in life.

The difference with Mud is that it has more benefits than my examples (let’s be honest, alcohol isn’t the best for you). That was a long way of saying you should give Mud a try.

Am I going to order more?

Spoiler alert, if you noticed the Mud image in this post already, you might have already found the answer. I ordered the big 90-day supply. Mainly due to going on my road trip in three days!

Do you have further questions?

Let me know in the comments below. As for the posting of this, I’ve been drinking Mud for over 30 days now.

Are you ready for my final opinion of Mud?

My Final Opinion of Mud

I always provide honest reviews of everything on this site. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not, but honesty is key here on Wilde Escape!

If you skipped to the final opinion, YES, I like it and think you should try it.

I just received my 90-day supply of Mud and will continue using it. I have enjoyed the product as a companion to my morning coffee. Maybe someday I’ll get rid of coffee for good, but there’s something about it that I still can’t give up.

The best time to have it is in the afternoon when I’m starting to feel tired or want the extra boost. I have really liked the clarity and focus it provides to get stuff done.

One Year Updateupdate-on-typewriter

I wanted to add this section here since it’s been around a year since trying Mud for the first time.

To be completely honest and transparent, I disagree with my previous statement. I’m no longer a fan.

Since my road trip, I realized it was challenging to mix Mud.

Yes, the frother helps a lot, but it’s not something I had with me. And the Mud doesn’t mix well without it.

As I mentioned above, I’m not a huge fan of the taste. I added milk, powdered milk, sugar, and anything else to mix.

Not a Fan

After ordering the large 90-day supply, I’ve given it to interested friends. Sad to say, I don’t know of anyone who wanted more.

Nobody has used my link to order Mud, so maybe that should say something.

So, between forcing Mud down and giving it away, I have yet to find someone that continues drinking it.

It’s sad because I really wanted to like this product.

If you’re curious about what I’m doing instead of Mud.

I found the best coffee that I get delivered monthly to my doorstep. It’s awesome!

Please let me know in the comments if you have any further questions I didn’t answer.

Have you tried Mud for yourself?

It would be awesome if you let me know your thoughts.

If you still want to try Mud yourself, feel free to click the image below.

Click The Image To Get $10 Off!

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10 thoughts on “The Honest Mud/Wtr Review”

  1. Laugh out loud! At first I was like, mud? But then as I continued to read I found that it was an alternative to coffee! My wife has been saying she drinks too much coffee so I cant wait to show her your article. Its pretty neat that there is a large mud community as well. Thanks for this awesome review, I look forward to trying it!

    • Thanks, Christopher! I was hoping someone would have the same reaction as you. Classic.

      I drink way too much coffee as well. Mud has been a good solution for me.

      As for a coffee, alternative Mud has been great. I’d be curious what she thinks and if she is going to give it a try. I have been using it a few days a week, replacing coffee, but I also like using it as an afternoon pick me up.

  2. It’s said that it takes 10 weeks to change a habit.  And coffee is not only a physical addiction but an emotional one as well, thus your reminiscence of camping, coffee and birds singing.  I think as you back away from the coffee, you will learn to like the Mud better.  Thank you for this post, though.  I think I’m going to try some Mud!

    • I agree and totally give it a try. I have found a few ways that I like to drink it, but I always like hearing about how others take their Mud. The cool thing, once you try it for yourself, Mud will send you emails on different ways to enjoy it.

      If you do, I would love to hear what you think of it. Also, remember, it took me about a week before I actually started looking forward to it.

  3. Hello there! This is an interesting post. When I first saw mudwater, I kind of took it literally and thought why would anyone want that. Of course, I would get a better idea from your article. After reading it, it definitely wasn’t what I had in mind. I had no idea that it was an alternative source of caffeine besides coffee with additional ingredients like cacao and other essential energy boosting herbs. It looks like something worth trying. At the moment, coffee still works for me but when it doesn’t, I know what to try next. Thanks for compiling this honest review. 

    • You bet, Mike!

      I’ve heard that from a few people, which is why I wrote the article. I’m also not going to lie, I love Mud Water, but I’m currently drinking coffee. I don’t think I can (or want) to replace coffee altogether, but it’s a great product for a quick pick me up. It also really helps you focus in the afternoon, for example, when you need to get work done.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow, I’m a coffee drinker and sometimes one coffee does not wake me up. I’m certainly going to check out Mud/Wtr and see If it would be good for me. As an Indian I drink a lot of Masala chai, I was shocked after reading your review that the Mud contains it. WOW. Deal sealer for me! 

    • You should definitely check it out. I think you would really like it. I have been using it in the afternoon, and it has been working great as a quick “Pick me up.”

      I would love to hear what you think about it if you end up checking it out too!

  5. Drinking coffee while reading this, what am I suppose to think of? Which should I choose? Hmm, I’ll stick with coffee for now. Not because Mud is not a good coffee alternative and I do like masala chai, just that it’ll take more than this to change this coffee habit of mine. 2 cups per day is not many, right? Anyway, it’s nice of you to share your Mud experience. Who knows, I may turn to Mud in the near future. 

    • I totally understand, Sharon. As I’m typing, I’m drinking my (Black Rifle) coffee too! But, I did go from having a few cups a day to just one in the morning. I like the taste and other “benefits” that coffee offers. The Mud is amazing in the afternoon or to help break a fast.

      If you do end up trying it, I would love it if you would share your experience here. Thanks for stopping by.


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