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Do you like simple ways to make your life easier?

I’m sure we can all answer YES to that question. Life hacks have been an obsession of mine for a while now. I have to admit, learning things that make your life easier is always a good thing.

Recently, most of the videos and other blog posts I’ve read all say the same thing. Life hacks are becoming common, who would have thought that would happen?

But every once in a while you find the hidden gem. And that is the reason for today’s post. I’ve been wanting to post this for a few months now, and why wait any longer? Today is better than just sitting on this.

The following is the start of my ever-growing list of LIFE HACKS!

Do you have any life hacks that you use? I would love to hear about them.
Scroll to the bottom and add yours in the comments!

Eric’s Simple Life Hacks

I was having trouble giving this section a name, but I figured it will do for now.

Depending on how long this list gets, I will do my best to categorize them. But who knows what will happen. Let’s get started with the simple life hacks that are in no particular order.

Around The House


  • Eggshells – use a large section of the empty eggshell to scoop out the broken piece.
  • Cookbook – get your cookbook, or recipe, out of the way by using a pant hanger to hold it. You can use the hook to place it up off the counter too.
  • Nobody likes a warm beer. Take a wet paper towel, wrap up the beer, and stick it in the freezer. It will get colder much faster.
  • Suppose you want to cool down your wine (I learned this in Napa), freeze grapes. It will cool down the wine better than using ice. My advice is to get fancy and freeze white grapes for white wine.
  • Leftover coffee (first of all, what is wrong with you), but if you happen to have extra, freeze the coffee ice trays. This is the best way to enjoy iced coffee as it won’t taste watered down as it melts! It makes me wonder why coffee shops don’t do this.
  • Want to make the best-hardboiled eggs you’ve ever had? Use an InstaPot. It takes about 15 minutes, but you will get eggs that you can actually peel the eggs with one hand.
  • No need to use a bowl for chips anymore! This takes a little bit of practice, but you can fold the bottom of all chip bags inward to create a bowl that will stand on its own.


  • Toothpaste – use the edge of the counter to push the toothpaste from the end of the tube to the business end. I have also seen people cut the bottom of the tube to get the last bit out too.

Around The House

  • If you ever need more space in your home (or converted vehicle), remember to use the vertical space. You can fit an amazing amount of things you would otherwise never have thought of.
  • I found if you fold your shirts in your dresser and stack them vertically, you save a ton of room. And you can see all the shirts you have. I do this will everything in my dresser.
  • You can get more space in your closet by using the metal tab on the top of a pop (soda) can. You can place one hole over a hanger andbinder-clips then easily attach a second hanger to the second hole. This will give you extra space in your closet. (when you are drinking your pop, if you rotate the tab toward the drinking hole, you can slide a straw inside, and it won’t move around).
  • One of my favorite items is using paper or binder clips for practically everything. A few examples are a chip clip, holding cords on the side of your desk, organizing my small cables (phone charger and earbuds), hanging many things in my car to my wallet.
  • Suppose you want to label the thousand cords you have. Save the plastic bread clips. You will find you can write on them. They are different colors and can easily clip onto cords.

Random Things To Help

In The Great Outdoors

  • Firestarter, what to know a great fire starter as well as a great camp snack? Doritos. I know that sounds strange, but they can be set onempty-tp-roll fire. The cheese ones work the best.
  • Cardboard TP rolls, fill them with dryer lint for a perfect fire starter. (you can also cut a TP roll down one side and use it to hold your wrapping paper which makes it so it doesn’t unravel, and you don’t have to use a rubber band).
  • If you are in the desert and get those damn cactus needles, there is an easy way to get them out. Pick up a cheap plastic comb to get them out easily, and you don’t have to touch them.
  • Another one for warm beer. If you have a cooler with ice, add some salt to it. Amazingly enough, it will get your beverages cooler faster! I have found that you should rinse or wipe off the top of a can before drinking (salty beer is no good).

Other Random Stuff I’ve Done

  • If you can’t seem to blow out a candle, hold your finger in front of it, then blow again.
  • Speaking of candles, if you need to light one but can’t get to the wick, use a piece of dry spaghetti pasta.
  • Need to fill a bucket with water, but the bucket doesn’t fit? You have two options: 1. Use a dustpan to fill a bucket, or 2. I have used a pool noodle by attaching one end to the faucet and the other end in the bucket on the floor.
  • When you remove a sticker or a price label from something you purchased, and there is a sticky residue that you cannot ever seem to get off. Try spraying it with a little bit of WD-40, wipe it off and you will be surprised! The sticky residue will be gone!
  • A travel hack for you all – use an ATM when you get to your destination. This is an amazing hack that I wish someone told me a long time ago. If you want more info on this hack, leave me a comment below.
    • Side Note: I take my bank card which I made sure I never get charged any fees, including ATMs worldwide!
    • My example – when I get to my destination, I find the first ATM, insert my card, and take out money for the next day or two. The ATM will spit out denominations in the country you are in! The best part, I never have a TON of cash on me.
      Again, just make sure your card offers free exchange rates and no extra fees. 

Add Your Own Life Hacks In The Comments

I am 100% sure you have your own life hack that I didn’t mention above. It would be amazing if you would leave a comment below and share it with us.

I’m excited and cannot wait to hear what your own life hack, or hacks, are.
Comment Below!

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20 thoughts on “Eric’s Simple Life Hacks”

  1. Thank you so much for the fun and interesting article! I really enjoyed reading this a lot!  I love the kitchen hacks because of all the rooms in my home, the kitchen is the most cluttered I believe.  I am a HUGE coffee drinker, and if I have left over coffee, I love that hack on freezing it!  That is simply genius in my eyes!

    • Thanks for the comment, and I could not agree with you more. I will say I rarely have coffee leftover, but the easy fix is to make extra. It’s always interesting that the simple hacks are the most amazing.

  2. OMG the egg shell hack is brilliant!

    I am constantly getting little pieces of eggshell in my bowl and can’t get it out. You sit there trying to get it out with your finger or maybe with a spatula and it just avoids you. So frustrating!

    This works perfectly!

    Wonder why I never heard of it before.

    Thanks for sharing all your hacks!

    • I know, I remember years ago when I asked you about it. Amazing it took so long to figure that out (considering I eat eggs every day).

      I’m hoping others will list there’s in the comments! Then, if there are good ones, I will add them to the post!

  3. Hi. hahahaha, thanks for this very interesting article on simple life hacks, fortunately technology have made our life much easier today than those who were here before us but yet there are some little things as outlined in your article that we can still manipulate to make our life even much easier LOL! I enjoy the warm beer hack the most, just wrap it in a wet paper towel, put in the freezer and you are sorted, LOL! 

    • Thanks, Nedia. I have wanted to post something fun and a little different. And who in the world wants to drink warm beer? I had a friend remind me that you need to remember to take it out of the freezer, or it will explode. That’s never happened to me before (cuz I can’t wait to drink it), but I guess that might be important for some people.

  4. These are some great hacks and ideas on how to making life simple and easy, and the ones on great outdoors and cooling down beer are particularly helpful. 

    I like your tip on freezing grapes to cool down wine. I have frozen pomegranate seeds to add to prosecco, and it not only looks very pretty, it also works very well. 

  5. Yes, it seems weird to me also that anyone would ever have leftover coffee… 

    Great idea to start writing these things down. I wanted to say that not everybody hates warm beer… my father would let his case of beer warm up before he drank it, if he bought it and it was cold. Weird, I know.

    Anyway, I know I have come up with some clever little tricks in my time, I just can’t seem to recall any at the moment, sorry. 😉 

    • Thanks for the comment, and I understand a few (strange) people like warm beer. I think when I was in Germany, some places served slightly chilled beer too. If you remember any of your cleaver tricks and hacks, let me know!

  6. Haha, excellent tips there Eric!  Thanks for sharing!  I know I must have some I could contribute but I am wracking my brains to think of some!  I definitely love the cold beer tips, I will pass those on to my brother who is fanatical about his beer being extremely cold lol!  I often use frozen berries in my gin, works a treat, and a nice snack of gin infused berries when the drink is finished!! 🙂  Thanks a million for sharing 

    • Thanks, Debbie! I am actually amazed how many people like the beer tip. I will have to try the berries in gin (who wouldn’t like that). Do you have a specific type for your gin?

  7. Hi Eric, Life hacks can make your life much more easier and convenient. There are so many ingenious life hacks that can help you to ease your life

    Try out my favourite simple and effective life hacks.

    1: You can turn an empty paper towel roll into plastic bags dispenser.

    2: You can mix baking soda, dish washing liquid to clean your window mosquito nets.

    3: You can polish car headlights using your toothpaste.

    Thanks for sharing great and helpful life hacks.

    • Hi, and thanks for sharing some of yours! I have never tried baking soda to clean window mosquito nets, and it might be something to look into. And I’ve tried the toothpaste one, and it didn’t work for me.

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

  8. Hi Eric. Thank you for a great post. With spending more and more time in home these life hacks will be extremely useful. Some of them are obvious, but I never heard or even thought about some others. Especially I like one with the beer, definitely this is the one I will be using most often (and I already checked – its working!)

    • That’s great to hear! I need to find more on beer. It seems to be a crowd favorite that I cannot deny (I remember when I figured that one out, priceless).

  9. Hey, these are very creative hacks. Thank you very much for putting this post together. The one that impressed me the most because I’ve had to do it is the one about using the dry spaghetti pasta to light a candle we can not reach.

    I’ll bookmark your site to continue reading useful posts as this one.THANK YOU!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Ann. The dry spaghetti one always impresses me when I use it. Who would have thought that would actually work? Super cool!

  10. After reading through your simple life’s hacks, I realized that my husband has been using your closet hacks to create more space in our wardrobe for quite some time now and it is amazing how this simple hacks help around the house.

     I have learned so much new hacks from your article and I will use them for sure and share with my husband too. He loves home hacks.  Thank you for sharing with us.

    • That’s great to hear. If you have any you want to share, please let me (and everyone) know! I love hearing ones that people use around their homes as well.


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