Some Gear I Use Daily

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post, but this does NOT cost you anything extra! Check out my full disclosure for more info.

This post is something that was on my mind and really just for fun. I use a lot of gear daily and decided to take a few minutes and write about the current top three.

In no particular order, mine are:

  • HydroFlask
  • Sea to Summit
  • Prana

I could make an article for each one individually but decided to touch the surface to see if anyone is on the same page as me.

I am not putting any links in this blog. I suggest going to their respective websites to learn more. You will not be disappointed in any of these companies.

What gear do you use daily? Let me know in the comments below!

If you read the whole blog and are interested, I often times have discount codes!

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Important NOTE, I am not making any money for this. I purchased a lot of merchandise from these companies and was provided codes for my friends and family. Because I like these brands so much, I thought I would share them.

All the Hydro Flasks that I own, there are 15 items shown in this image

Hydro Flask

I’m asked about Hydro Flasks almost once a day.

It started with my brother convincing me to get one years ago, and now I might have a problem.

I own many of them (I don’t have the one gallon but only due to the price). To summarize, these water bottles will

  • Keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours
  • Keep hot items for up to 6 hours.

I have had ice remain in the container for over 24 hours, but it all depends on what you have in the bottle.

They have specially made containers for food, which I have two of, which have kept the food hot for 8 hours.

There are other brands out there. Some of them are awesome too.

The prices vary on all of them, but I keep returning to these. They have never failed me in any way, and I have dropped a few of them. The worst thing that happened was a lid broke, but I got a new one for a few bucks, and it’s still going strong.

Why do I like Hydro Flasks, because they are amazing!

I work 12-hour shifts and always have one of these with me. My beverages always stay cold/hot for as long as I need them to. It is incredible when it is 100+ outside, much warmer in a car, and I still have ice-cold water to drink.

Sea-to-summit recent order of a light-weight sink, stuff bags, bug net, and bevy sack

Sea to Summit

This is another fantastic company. Some items vary from sleeping pads, dry bags, pillows, liners, kitchen gear, towels, soaps, tie-downs, and sleeping systems.

Not to mention regular gear and all the way to ultra-light gear.

There is something for everyone here, especially if you are into hiking and camping.

I have also found it amazing to have their stuff sacks and dry bags (I might also have a problem, in general, with bags).

I use them all the time, such as basic stuff sacks for clothing or dirty clothing, a lunch bag if I forget my normal one, a catch-all bag for camping, and I even have a few in my car as a ‘just in case.’

They have amazing sleeping pads and sheets. I use one of their silk travel liners when I am camping or traveling. They add some extra warmth and comfort. The sleeping pads are nice, so you don’t lie directly on the ground.

My recent purchase was their kitchen sink. Some people might think I’m crazy for buying it, but I will say it’s been a life-changer. Not only can you transport water with it (to use for anything back at camp), but washing dishes in it is amazing.

Prana shirt that says, "como te" inside the image of a llama
The shirt says, “Como Te”


I usually don’t care about my clothing. But, over the last year, I have started to pay attention to it.

In a nutshell, you will see me in something from Prana. Their clothing is that amazing!

There are a few brands that I gravitate toward, but Prana tends to be my go-to.

I like what their company stands for. All are fair trade certified, and they are super big on recycling. If you order anything, the packaging is recycled, and so is how they wrap their clothing (they use twine-type material, and I’ve even seen leftover pieces of fabrics).

I have been thrilled with the quality of all their products as well.

You could say that I have many of their different shirts; they have some amusing designs too.

The one that still makes me smile is the one pictured here to the left. I was at a store, and a dude walked up to me and said, “Rob,” then walked away. It took me a while to figure out what happened, but it was hilarious afterward.

They also have nice pants and shorts.

I tend to lean toward the Zion series. Not only is Zion one of my favorite National Parks, but the stretch in them is incredible.

Also, if you want some shorts or pants to relax in, they have a lot of solutions for that as well!

Final Thoughts

You made it to the end, and I hope it wasn’t that bad, and maybe you are interested in one of the items.

This is a quick overview because I have been a customer for many years (and spent more than I would like to admit). Each of the three companies provided me with a few discount codes!

I think that is excellent news and would like to share it with you.

If you are interested in a discount code, leave a comment below on which one. Once selected, I will send you an email as these codes are for one person and are for one-time use (for the whole order, you enter it in at checkout). This is my way of saying thanks for reading my new blog!

Other info, the codes must be used by:

Hydro Flask- 12/13/2019

Sea to Summit- 11/18/2019

Prana- 11/18/2019

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to read them. As I mentioned initially, I am more than willing to go deeper into any of the items (gear review) or maybe even point you in the right direction.

Leave a comment or thumbs up if you liked this.

Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Some Gear I Use Daily”

  1. I have the sea to summit long hiking spork. It’s great! The Prana clothes might be something I’m interested in (as long as I don’t have to try them on first!) Hydro-flasks should come with an FDA warning label for potential addiction problems. “Gear” is an obsession of mine too… but good stuff is worth the cost!

    • That was one fast reply! And thanks for the comment! I’ll send you an email with the codes.

    • Awesome, thanks for stopping by. The Hydro Flasks are amazing…if you don’t have a coffee mug I would suggest that one. I’ll be sending you an email in a few minutes, let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Thank you so for the Hydro Flask promo code! Awesome to get 40% off!!


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