Road ID – It Could Save Your Life

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If you didn’t read my last post (shame on you), but May is BIKE TO WORK MONTH!

That also means I need to get my butt in shape and go on bike rides.

I did my first 10-mile ride last week, and it about killed me.

I will say that it was a fantastic feeling to get back in the saddle. With that said, I always take a few items with me on rides.

The most important (besides a helmet and lights) is my Road ID!

What Is Road ID?

I was starting to write a very long and detailed description of what Road ID is and the amazing community they have created.

Then, after a few hundred words, I remembered they made a video.

Let’s say that it’s much better than what I was writing. Not only that, but watching a video is much better than reading, at least I think so.

One of my favorite quotes they used was, “My dad might be right about something,” HA, yeah, like that would happen.

So, you should watch their video below or click here!

It is well done and a fun way to understand what the company stands for.

Not to mention, it’s only three minutes long! The video is at the top of the page. Some text with information is at the bottom if you so choose to read it.



Okay, now that you are back, thanks for coming back.

What do you think so far?

Road ID is a great company that has a lot going for it.

Yes, it’s a straightforward idea, but a simple design that can save your life.

I have received questions regarding if Road ID is only for bikers, nope!

I refer to it as an outdoor companion. It might have started for bikers, but you can use it for any outdoor activity, for your kids, and even your pets.

If you didn’t already check out their products and want to get an idea of what they offer, click here now!

Why Use a Road ID?group backpacking over a mountain top

First off, the better question is, why not?

This is a straightforward way to have a safety net every day.

It doesn’t just have to be for when you are on an outdoor adventure, on a ride, or running a marathon.

It is for everyday life.

One of the worst things you can do is not have any ID or medical insurance card on you when you need it most.

An example is if you forget your wallet while going out. Or the short “trip” to the store can quickly be the longest day of your life.

If you are in a life-threatening emergency, it is peace of mind knowing that you will have a way for others not only to know who you are and who to call but also your medical history and what hospital to take you to.

Suppose you need or are interested in why else you should use one of these impressive pieces of metal. There is additional information here.

In case you are wondering, there are alternatives to the Road ID. I have seen a few of them, but I personally really like what this company stands for.

Not to mention, Road ID has many different options.

Over the years, I’ve acquired the “dog-tag” version, a bracelet with a clasp, and my personal favorite one that attaches to my watch. Did we mention all of their products are customizable, which is always a nice touch?

Customizing is also fun, where you can put quotes if you want. Mine says, “Shut Up, Legs!

Which, of course, is an awesome quote by Jens Voigt.
Who would have thought that would start the Shut Up Legs movement??

Don’t just take my word for this amazing simple product. Check out other reviews and testimonials of people who use the product. If this is something that interests you as well, click here. Some of them are hilarious!

Highly Recommend – I Have Three and Counting

Most everyone that knows me is aware that I enjoy gear.

I tend to be one of the guys people go to with questions regarding equipment. I think this is mainly because it’s a lifelong interest, most gear is amazing, and I have a part-time job at the best outdoor store in the world. Yeah, I said it!

Side note, like most retail stores, it is ‘closed.’
We are still currently having our biggest sale of the year!

I’m getting off my soapbox and returning to what this article is all about now.

I have a Road ID on me at all times, but I make sure it is there when I’m riding or hiking.

I like knowing that my important information is right there for first responders to locate quickly. Not only that, being a former first responder, but I have also seen many people that wear them!

Are you in the military (active-duty military, retirees, veterans, military spouses, and family members), or are you a first responder (Police, Fire, or EMT)?

There are additional discounts as well! How cool is that?

Hand with five fingers

Do You Want $5 Off?

The answer is YES!

If getting your Road ID is something you are interested in, and want $5 off, send me your email address.

Better yet, leave a comment below!

They allow me to send you an email that you can then use to get a few bucks off your first order. It’s actually how I got my first ID many years ago.

Again, I think it is a piece of mind knowing that if something happens to me, I will be taken care of.

If you place an order, you will notice that you have options, everything from bracelets, necklaces, and even ones that can go on your shoes.

Not to mention, they can also be for pets or the kiddos too. The coolest thing, I really like this, is that you get to choose where a portion of your purchase goes, all of which are great causes.

When you place your order, you can only buy the ID with relevant information. This is nice if you know what you want to put on your new ID.

There are only a few lines, so make sure you think about it.

Or the other option and what I do is pay for the yearly membership.

This allows me to have my most current and essential information on what is called the Emergency Online Profile. Items include my name, allergies, health coverage, etc.

To quickly go over the Emergency Online Profile, it is designed for us to participate in outdoor activities and not take the chance of being unidentified in the event of an emergency.

The ID is designed to quickly provide vital emergency information to First Responders in the event of an accident.

It allows you to create a profile that will tell First Responders your Name, Address, Emergency Contacts, Health Insurance, Medical Information, and more.

It is easily accessed 24 hours a day via the Internet and even the telephone.

It’s Time To Get Your Road ID

If you haven’t guessed or are skipping to the end, I HIGHLY recommend getting a Road ID!

If more than anything, it’s just nice knowing that I don’t need to carry extra stuff with me while outdoors. And they are just cool! After all, as the website says, It’s not just a piece of gear – it’s peace of mind.

So now my question for you is, Have you ever needed assistance during a bike ride or an outdoor adventure?

If so, I would like to hear about it.

Don’t forget that anyone who leaves a comment below will get $5 off their first order.

Whether you want to use it or not will be totally up to you. It’s mainly just a small thank you for leaving a comment and considering an awesome product that I have enjoyed using for years.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this inspires you to get outdoors!

Epic bike jump


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8 thoughts on “Road ID – It Could Save Your Life”

  1. It was a great article about a much-needed item. My wife had Alzheimer’s and I would have liked something like that for her.

    I believe that it is a great topic. First for everyone, but especially for those involved in sports. I just got a new 3 wheeler and I am 78. I usually only carry my phone, which would not help much.

    The topic was well presented except that I would have explained what the ID was in the article. I found out by checking out other pages. It should be clear from the beginning.

    • Thank you so much for the input. I get what you are saying, it’s funny when you know what you are talking about, but it doesn’t come across. I will do a better job of explaining with RoadID is. Thanks!

      Also, something I used to do while out on crazy adventures, and when I only carried my phone. I have my phone locked, so not just anyone can access it. When I was on a bike ride, hike, etc. (before I had RoadID), I would change my phone’s lock screen with my name and a contact. Then if something happened and someone found my phone, my hope was they would call the person I had on the locked screen.

  2. I personally can not fault your your content. I have never heard of a Road ID, obviously there other ID’s. Tell me why a Road ID and not, say a biking ID or Bikers ID Is the Id specifically for you bike enthusiasts. Even though your content is great, I do not think it gets your attention straight away, perhaps, and this my personal feeling, I might put another image or larger heading of even a bit of colour, or all three. Don’t get me wrong, i’m no expert. If your happy,then great

    • Thanks for the input, I’ll rework the article with your input. I do appreciate it as I want to make sure I do this correctly. Take care!

  3. Hello thank you for this very deatiled and Comprehensive post on “ROAD ID” first I want to commend the wonderful work you’re doing here,  I came across your site as I was just surfing the net and the title of your article caught my attention,  plus that you sure have a wonderful way of writing that makes your readers stay glued to your writings. Really aweaome review,  I’m considering making an order for one.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Take care, and stay safe!

  4. hello dear thanks for putting up such  knowledgeable article on my road ID’re posed to contain a lot of posts that one could apply to his or her everyday life, having another it is very necessary as one do not know when and where it will be needed and like you said having too much equitment is no problem at the point of the other you’ll be needing them…

    thanks for the awesome post and I wish to read Moore


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