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We have all been there, you are camping and run out of power, or you want to charge your cell phone but don’t have a way to do it. You don’t want to run your car for an hour, so what do you do?

If you have made it to this review, you wonder if the can Jackery would be a good power solution for you. I have had a few Jackery products, and it could not be easier.

Continue reading to find out more. After reading, if I haven’t answered a question you have, please leave it in the comments below.

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Before I get to my review, Jackery is having an awesome 15% sale!

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Jackery At A Glance

Name: Jackery

Website: Jackery.com

Price: Varies depending on the model you choose

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Jackery Product Overview

To sum it up, Jackery is a simple solution if you want a portable powerhouse at any time.

There is something about having portable power that puts your mind at ease. I am always on the lookout for the next portable power solution with multiple uses, and it will work for me. The is now one company that is my go-to, nope it’s not Goal Zero. It is Jackery.

Check out their site (link below), as there are a few different options. And as you might have guessed, I have a few of their products.

I like to focus on purchasing local products. I love it even more if they are in the same area as I am (I could list all of them here, but Jackery is one of my go-to companies)!
If you haven't guessed it yet, Jackery is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California!

When you go to their website, you will learn that Jackery was born out of the idea that every household should be equipped with Eco-green Portable Power. Combined with the innovative design strategy and industry-leading Lithium battery technology, Jackery has released a series of power generators since 2015 for thousands of individuals, families, and businesses of their outdoor, emergency, and workforce usage.

I have had their Explorer 240 for just over a year now. It's my go-to power source for road trips and power outages. Yes, I live in California, and our power goes out a lot (thank you, PG&E). Knowing I have this portable unit puts me at ease, knowing I will always have power.

Not only that, but as a test, I found out the 240 can power a CPAP all night. In fact, you could get two nights out of a full charge.

The Good & The Bad

In all honesty, this section has been challenging.

I can go on about the great things about this product, but I will save you some time and list the ones I really like. As for the negatives, there really aren't any. I choose the one I think most people will say, but you will see it's not a negative and actually on par once you compare other companies.

    The Good

The most important thing to realize is that the Jackery is extremely easy to use. You plug in the item you want to be charged, and it starts charging.

Another great feature of the one I have (Explorer 250) is that it's extremely lightweight, approximately 7 pounds.

I have a few batteries that need to be recharged every month, as they deplete a little every day. The Jackery is the opposite. I have had mine, unused, sitting in my closet for about five months. Guess what, while I'm writing this, I just went and check the charge. It shows it's at 99%!

    The Bad

The only con that I think we can all see is the cost.

I mention this because people will think this is a negative. If you ask me (a guy who likes quality gear), the cost is not bad if you consider what you are getting. If you look at the other companies on the market for the same product type, you will see that the Jackery is less and still works as good or better.

I have been eyeing the larger Explorer 1000, as I have a few things that I cannot run on the smaller Explorer 250. And then there lays the issue, cost. I have been saving up to purchase it, and when I do, I will let you all know what I think of it.

Who Is The Jackery For?

I'm so glad you asked. It's for EVERYONE!

What a great segway to the power unit I have. The Jackery's Explorer 240 portable power station has been a lifesaver. You can easily stay charged while on the go and living the outdoor lifestyle.

On my last road trip, which was this month, I grabbed my 240 the night before. I turned on the power display to find out how long I needed to charge it before leaving. I was honestly shocked to see that it was still at 99%.


This is genuinely my favorite portable power station to date, and this unit weighs just over six pounds too!

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

If you didn't click the link above, you should, but here is some more basic information for you. This power station can charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, small appliances like an electric blanket, mini cooler, etc.

Because this unit is lightweight, it is effortless to take it along anywhere you might need power. Not to mention, you can be the savor of the for your next barbecue or tailgate party!

The Explorer series has many options as well; the five that I like most are:

  • Small Size (easy to carry and store)
  • Need to charge every three to six months (depending on use)
  • Weight from four to twenty-two pounds (depending on the model you choose)
  • AC Outputs that are Pure Sine Wave (know this is important)
  • Options: Various Tools and Solar Panels

Another cool feature is that you can recharge the power station with an AC/DC outlet, compatible solar panel, generator, or emergency power supply during an outage. It's nice having various ways to charge this unit so that you always make sure you have power on the go.

Tools & Training

I have not found any training, but their website is extremely informative.

While on their website, I found they have many different options. I already knew of the different power banks they offer, but they also have other smaller portable packs. Not going to lie. I purchased one for my phone. It works great, is water-resistant, and I use it when out on hikes.

Jackery also has its own solar panels to charge all its products. I have looked into them but have yet to order or try any solar. Being extremely interested in solar, it's nice knowing that the Jackery power banks all have connections to tie directly into pannels.

Jackery Support

Everything That Came With The Jackery Explorer 250 (zipper pouch to hold everything is attached to the handle)

I have not used their support because I haven't had to. But I did email their customer service with a quick question.

Their reply was in less than a day, provided me with an answer, and even suggested some additional things to do too. I know this wasn't anything severe, but it was nice knowing they have a quick response time and seem very friendly.

Jackery Price

As I mentioned above, this depends on the item you chose. As for me, I have the Explorer 250, and it cost $170.

Additionally, I have been eyeing the Explorer 1000, and currently, that is running at $899.

Just know, you pay for quality. I have used many different power banks on the market, and I am sticking with Jackery. I feel they are lighter, durable, and I have never been let down by any of the products I own. If you haven't guessed, I highly suggest their products and think you should give them a try.

My Final Opinion of The Jackery

If you just skipped to this section of my Jackery review, I will get right to the point. You should get one!

Yes, there are many different products out on the market today, but the Jackery is the way to go.

Before fiding Jackery, I used Goal Zero and Anker. I still use the others when I need a smaller source of power. I also really do like my Anker, but it takes a while to recharge when it's been depleted.

I have many of their portable batteries and even a medium-sized one. But I have found Jackery to be a better deal but just as impressive, if not MORE.

Not only that, but I can recharge the smaller Goal Zero and Anker batteries with my Explorer 240!

If you care to know, the only thing I would do differently is to buy the larger Explorer 1000.

Just because I like sharing my next purchase, here is a quick video on the Explorer 1000. It weighs more than the Explorer 250, but that means it can do a lot more.

I think that it's essential to be ready for what life throws at you. I have also been known to be a prepper, but that is for another blog.

Case and point, in California, our power gets shut off a lot. Add to that all the fires, evacuations that seem to happen more frequently than I want to admit, and I know that I will still be able to keep in contact with my loved ones. Knowing that there is a way that I will always have power for my phone, lights, computer, and everything else is fantastic.

Not to mention, this is an easy way to have peace of mind.

With all that said, I even purchased an extra Explorer 240 for my Mum. It allows her to have a sense of peace that she can still have the power she needs when the power goes out. And like I mentioned, this happens a lot.

All the small things you do now will help in the long run. If you don't think you need something like this, imagine how much easier it would be the next time you are without power.

My Question For You

What have you done to prepare for having no power?

We all know what happened in 2020, not to mention the power outages in Texas, so now we should all know being prepared is a must. Have peace of mind knowing you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Make sure you will have the power you need when it happens again.

For example, this is what I do. I have my Jackery as my main power station. I also have smaller batteries and lamps that can be recharged by USB. My next step is looking into getting basic solar panels. And guess what, Jackery has those too!

If you have set up solar or have additional ways to store power, let me know in the comments below.

And finally, have you checked out the Jackery website yet? YOU SHOULD!

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6 thoughts on “Jackery – A Portable Powerhouse”

  1. I love my Jackery!

    It truly has changed my life. Because we have so many power outages, I feel a sense of peace because I know I will have a reliable source of power.

    When we have an emergency, like the fire we just had, it is reassuring to know that I can charge my cell phone to keep in touch with others, and get important information.

    I did test it with my CPAP. And it ran at the machine for two nights!

    This was the best gift ever!

  2. Hi, Thank you for sharing the Jackery brand and especially this helpful portable Jackery explorer. The winter is at the doorstep, and the power outage is unbearable on long and cold winter nights. The fact that it is a USA brand makes it more trustable on product quality and features. The price can be a bit expensive, but if I’m not wrong, the company offers $200 bucks to join their community. So, I think is convenient to invest in such qualitative products at a good price and benefit from the Jackery offers.

    Thank you again


    • Hi Alketa,

      Thanks for the comment! I have used a few different portable power stations and have liked Jackery the best. That is the reason for the review (I keep getting asked about mine).

      As for price points, they offer different ones (I have the smaller one and one that I can keep in my pocket). Currently, I’m saving up for the 1500!

      As for money back, they do have offers throughout the year. I always post when they have their big sale (I want to say sometime in May). So check back, or send me a private email (Eric@WildeEscape), and I’ll let you know when it is.

  3. What is the main purpose of this product? Is this a generator or is it used for something else? It is my first time coming across such a product. It is always amazing to learn new things so thank you for this wonderful post.I will be sure to share it with friends and family. 

    • I guess I should have made that specific, as not everyone knows what a power bank is. But, this product will provide your electronics with power (aka, you can recharge them or use appliances you use at home).

      Being a battery power bank, there is no gas. You can charge it up with solar panels, your vehicle’s 12v outlet, at home, or anyplace with a power outlet (gas station, coffee shop, campground, and so on).

      It all depends on the size you decide to purchase. Getting the smaller Jackery batteries will be for charging phones to a computer. But the larger batteries will power small refrigerators, computers, or even Instapot.

      Let me know if you have further questions, please feel free to ask.


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