Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Book Review

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We can all agree on something here … DEBT SUCKS!

Ever since going into debt, I have strived to do everything I could to get out of it. The hard part, at least for me, was figuring out how to get out.

What are the BEST steps to follow?

Why Do I feel alone in all of this?

How do you get out of debt?

no money and in debt

I remember the feeling of having the debt piling up. Between regular bills, credit card interest (as well as all the debt interest), keeping food on the table, doctor visits, and so on, I felt as though there was no possible way to get ahead.

It seemed like I kept drowning and could never get any air.

That is when I started reading more about budgeting and finance. I enjoyed it and am happy to say I became DEBT FREE!

One of the books I have been recommending to everyone is I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.

Why have I been recommending it? Well, that’s easy. Most of my own personal budget includes many of his suggestions (I say most because I have two other authors I follow, too.

If you are interested in them, let me know, I am more than willing to share).

Want to know something really amazing?

Becoming debt-free has been a HUGE WEIGHT off my shoulders. If you want to learn more about finances, savings, and achieving a debt-free life, I Will Teach You To Be Rich is the book for you!

I Will Teach You To Be Rich Review – At A Glance

Name: I Will Teach You To Be Rich (IWT for short)

Website: Book on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback available)

Price: Kindle price $8.04 / Paperback price $8.79
Prices are from the date of post-publication; prices may be different.

Author: Ramit Sethi

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

I Will Teach You to Be Rich
Second Edition: No Guilt. No Excuses. No BS.
Just a 6-Week Program That Works

Things To Know

Not sure about you, but I like to know the pros and cons (or the good and bad) of most things I’m considering buying.

Like every product on the market, you can always find something wrong with it. I’ve found with authors that some of them are great at writing and others are not.

Personally, I like how Ramit writes. It’s nice when someone tells you how it is and cuts out all the BS. It’s a straightforward way of thinking, and I really enjoyed it.

    Stuff I Like thumb-up-and-thumb-down

Automating Your Finances
You might hear people saying this isn’t a good thing. But I have gotten the most out of this. It’s much easier to do than you may think. You will NEVER pay a late fee again, and you save a TON of time. I didn’t do this at first because I thought it was stupid. After I completed reading the book (for a second time), I started to consider it. Now, I’m so glad that I did!

Learning How To Invest
Once you get through your debt, you might want to know what to do with your money. Investing has always interested me, but I never fully understood it. Again, I look towards three authors for learning this budgeting and investing stuff, but this book is what got me started. It’s not as difficult as you think it is. Ramit even shares what he does, and it’s SUPER EASY.

Becoming Debt-Free!
This is the most exciting part for me. I remember feeling lighter after realizing I was no longer enslaved to credit cards, banks, and the government. Just know it’s amazing and is something I want to help you achieve as well.

    Things To Note

It Does Not Happen Overnight
This is something you need to come to grasp. Becoming debt-free, automating finances, investing, and so on takes time. A lot of time. I mention this here because there is no “Get Rich Quick” or magic bean that will get you out of debt. But, once you have developed a plan, stick to it. You will be amazed at what you can all achieve.

The Cost
I will say that spending less than $10 for this book is totally worth it. But I know many people who would like to get this information for free. If that is you, go to your local library and see if this book is available. Otherwise, buy it, the price is really not that bad, and I know you will get a lot out of it. To think of it another way, you need to learn how to manage your money. You aren’t doing anything about it, which is a small price to pay to get a plan.

I’ll make it easy for you, Stop thinking about it and buy the dang book.

Who is IWT For?man considering a money plan

This book is for everyone. Literally, EVERYONE.

I purchased the first version of this book and read it in less than a month. I have read many books on finance, and this one is one of my favorites mainly because it’s easy to read and understand.

Once this new version came out, I also decided to purchase that one. And that is why I’m now writing this review. I know it can help you with your finances and achieving your dreams!

The difference is that you only have to purchase one book! You’re welcome. This newer book has great recommendations and is much more current for today’s world.

IWT Tools & Training

The IWT book is just the tip of the iceberg. IWT has turned into an amazing and huge company.

Ramit has pretty much built an empire. And I will admit, I have purchased one of his courses. They are very well done, and you learn a lot.

If I were you, I would start with the I Will Teach You To Be Rich book.

Just remember that the most important step, before doing anything else, is getting your finances under control. You can do other stuff, additional reading, training, classes, and so on, later if you so choose.

IWT Support

To add this on a personal note. I have never had to contact IWT support for any problems or issues.

I have sent them a few emails over the years. Their responses have always been quick, very informative, and helpful.

In addition to that, I made my purchase of this book through Amazon. I have the Kindle version of this book and really do like it. But I don’t need to have a hard copy in my hands.

I like that I can read wherever I am and don’t have to remember to bring something with me. But that might be the minimalist inside me.

As mentioned above, I purchased a course from IWT that Ramit put together. I contacted the support team for that, and they responded within a few hours. It also helps that they have multiple guarantees that back up their products.

The book speaks for itself, and I’m not sure why you would need to contact them for anything. But if you do, they are easy to get in touch with.

IWT Price

I know some people don’t want to pay for anything. I understand that. Over the last few years, I have taken on something I want to share with you.

This has to be one of the biggest improvements I have made in my life.

If there is a book or course that you want to take (that will IMPROVE your life), DO IT! I know this can be difficult sometimes, but when you are thinking about a $7 book investment. Stop thinking about it and buy it.

As I mentioned above, the price might have changed, but I have found Amazon to have the BEST PRICE! Click the image below to find out what the current cost is.

My Final Opinion of IWT

Get your copy of I Will Teach You To Be Rich TODAY! Click the picture above or the link below.

You will not regret it.

Then, come back and leave me a comment below to let me know you purchased it!

The next step is to bookmark this page or set a reminder on your phone for a month or two. That is when you will return, and let me know what you think of the book. I am eagerly waiting to see if you liked it as much as I have!

If you need the link again, HERE IT IS:
I Will Teach You to Be Rich
Second Edition: No Guilt. No Excuses. No BS. Just a 6-Week Program That Works

Last note:

If you have further questions about the other authors I have used to get myself out of debt, let me know in the comments below.

I’m more than willing to let you know what I have done if there is any interest.

I now have a budget, am debt-free, have my finances on autopilot (mostly), only use credit cards to get points and perks, and am starting to invest.

It’s truly amazing!

Let’s Get You Out Of Debt, To Start Growing Your Money

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