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Are you always on the go?

Do you hate using throw-away paper cups all the time?

Hate the taste of some of those coffee shop paper cups?

How would you like to use a cup that can go wherever your adventures take you?

In today’s world, we are all constantly on the go. You need to have a cup when you are running around, camping, traveling, or just relaxing.

It could be to drink some much-needed water, fill it with a tasty beverage, or want to share a coffee with someone. It’s nice knowing that you will always have a cup with you.

I know I do.

The Box, Your New Collapsible Cup, Arrives In

I cannot tell you how many paper cups I have purchased in the past with the above examples. Not only that but what about sharing a beverage with someone else?

Or better yet, you are hiking, and your dog needs some water. Again, having a collapsible cup with you is a true game-changer.

I just might have found the solution you are looking for. The cup is called Hunu. It’s a collapsible cup you can take while on the go.

Just for a few examples, you can use this collapsible cup while camping, hiking, biking, working, on the beach, and even at home!

Hunu – At A Glance

Name: Hunu

Website: Cheapest Price Found On Amazon

Price: Click the link above or the photo for the current price

Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

Hunu: Product Overview

Over the years, I have purchased many extra cups. Only a few have been of the collapsible version. Which I have found is something that I truly admire.

There are a few companies that I have found that make these. Some fold, some collapse, and others squish down. I have found there are a few things I look for in a portable cup.

Things to think about are, do they offer some insulation, so you don’t burn your hands? Having hot liquid in a cup such as this can have quite a few issues).

I don’t know if everyone is like me, but I am very picky about what cups I use.

A perfect example of this is my coffee cup, which is by HydroFlask. I love this cup and use it every day.

It does things that collapsible cups don’t, such as making coffee in the morning. I would never be able to use a collapsible cup with the AeroPress.

So, having a collapsible cup serves a purpose. And for me, I think I have found the best one!

You might be thinking that I will tell you about the Sea to Summit version that I have. As you may already know, I have a lot of their gear. Well, that is not the case. But that might be the title of this post, and it probably gave it away.


But, since I mentioned Sea to Summit, I will share with you the one thing I didn’t like, you cannot drink out of their lid. Also, have you tried to screw on the lid with a hot beverage? It’s not easy.

Now let’s get to the cup I’m talking about. The Hunu collapsible cup!

This simple cup has solved all the issues I’ve had with all the others I have tried. Such as the lid, which you can drink out of, a simple cover to use so nothing escapes, that also doubles as insulation when a hot beverage is inside.

Let’s cover some more of what I like and things that could be improved upon. But, in case you want to know my overall opinion of this Hunu Cup… IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!

What You Should Know

    Things We Like

The Perfect Size
It’s very convenient to take with you. It doesn’t matter if you are hiking, camping, or just throwing it in your car’s glovebox. Having this is the perfect companion for everyone. It’s so convenient that I stopped carrying my bulky mug with me to work. The Hunu is a perfect size!

I really like how this cup is designed. I have used it many times with various beverages, and it has yet to leak one drop. The best part is that I can collapse it and wrap the elastic wrap around it, and I don’t have to worry about it dripping. Not to mention this is BPA-free, and it doesn’t change the taste of what you are drinking.

    Thing to Note

The Lid
Yes, as I mentioned above, I really do like the design. I will say the lid was made well, feels good, and does what it should (not leak). I don’t like that when you use the lid. It’s not easy to drink out of. If you look at other “sippy” cups, you will notice there is always a small hole in them. This allows for the beverage to flow freely from the cup. This lid does not have that, I imagine, to make sure it doesn’t leak, but then having a larger hole could help with this issue. It’s not a deal-breaker, just something to be aware of.

The Cost
I purchased this cup for just less than twenty dollars. That is pretty pricey for a cup. But I have other collapsible cups that I have not been very pleased with. If you look for others on the market, you will find cheaper ones but know this. I’ve tried many of them and really like how this one is designed and the materials they use.

Who is the Hunu Collapsible Cup For?

If you want to always have a cup with you, this product is for you.

Take a minute and think about all the places you can have one. As I said, I keep one in my work bag (which I use ALL the time) and one in my Rav’s glove box. It comes in handy all the time.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not wasting paper cups anymore.

The best example I can give is drinking water (the ones at work with the small cups you use once). So this is not only for office workers but is GREAT for the environment too!

What is also great, if you want a way to use the sippy cup aspect, this is for you.

So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast like many of us are, this cup will be a game-changer to EVERYONE!

Just as a side note, since purchasing the Hunu collapsible coffee cup, I haven’t had to contact their support team. Also, since I purchased this time on Amazon, you might want to know they have amazing reviews!

Feel free to check out the ranging reviews. You can click the image above to see them for yourself!

Final Opinion of the Hunu Collapsible Cup

This is definitely one of those “Treat Yo’self” items.

I will say that I have been extremely pleased with my purchase. If you want a cup that you know is always there, will perform well, not leak when you are done using it, and doesn’t change the taste of your beverage, then this cup is for you.

It’s been great to take with me on my adventures. I have had no issues using this cup with hot and cold beverages (I have even eaten oatmeal out of it).

This Hunu Cup has exceeded all my expectations, so I wanted to share this review with you.

Get Your Leakproof Reusable HUNU Collapsible Cup TODAY

Let me know in the comments below if you have used a collapsible cup. Bonus points if you ordered a Hunu cup and shared your thoughts!

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