Focus At Will Music – My Review

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Updated: 6/7/2022

How do you stay focused when you are dealing with outside noises and distractions?

The solution is easy.

For two years, I’ve stayed focused in all types of environments with Focus At Will.

Something that has been extremely helpful is you can have this on your computer and cell phone! This means you can take it wherever you need it.

Focus At Will has been the answer to a long-time problem of concentration.

Continue reading to discover more, and discover that Focus At Will could also be your answer!

Special Note: Focus At Will and Focus@Will will be used interchangeably in this article.

How Do You Stay Focused?

Lots to do with Post-its all over a computer screen
Too many things to do? Sometimes it’s hard to focus

Going back to my original question, How do you stay focused?

Like many others, I have been looking for a way to help me to stay focused.

You might agree that studying, working, or reading is difficult in

  • Coffee shops
  • Libraries
  • Home (noisy neighbors or family)
  • And other distraction locations (or just loud noises)

Nothing ever seemed to work for me.

I then started looking at music options.

I have always enjoyed listening to music, so why not try this?

Well, I started searching for any music subscriptions I could find. To include everything from YouTube, Amazon, other internet services, and even paid subscriptions with free limited-time offers.

During this music search, I soon realized I needed music without words. I found a few options on YouTube.

Which worked for a while, but the ads frustrated me. Once I was in “The Zone,” an ad would start and pull me out of my zone.

I decided I needed something I could listen to ad-free, with no vocals and music on multiple devices. It wouldn’t matter if I were on my phone or computer. I knew there had to be a better way.

Too Many Distractions

There are always distractions, no matter where you are.

It could be from family, friends, social media, the annoying person at the coffee shop, a squirrel, or just some other annoying sound distracting you.

Whenever I need to get something done, a sound keeps me distracted.

For example, where I used to live, my neighbors were so loud.

I mean, I thought they were living with me loud. Talking as if in the same room as me, making crazy noises when cooking, continually dropping things on the floor, and don’t get me started about their TV volume.

I ended up purchasing some cheap Bluetooth headphones. These allowed me to listen to music and even my TV. The downside of always wearing headphones is they are not the most comfortable, but this was one way I could stay sane.

Focus@Will can help drown out all the noise

My Answer – Focus@Will

As I mentioned above, I tried many things in my quest to find something that allowed me to focus.

I found music to work best for me. But not just any type of music. That is about when I saw the free version of Focus at Will.

It changed everything for me!

I realized I was able to focus longer and get more done!

I didn’t believe it at first, but I started to note what I did while listening vs. not listening.

The results surprised me, and I was getting more done with Focus at Will! Who would have known that music with no vocals would allow me to get more done?

Recently, I started using the Pomodoro technique when I needed to get something done (such as writing).

Setting the timed session to 30 minutes

The best way I’ve found to use this technique is to set the Focus at Will “Timed Session” for 30 minutes. Which allows me to read my outline and spend a solid 25 minutes writing.

One of the best parts about this is that it forces you to take a quick break after each session! After 30 minutes, get up, stretch, grab water, use the restroom, or get a snack.

Then start another session!

It really WORKS!

Something even better is that I already had a pair of headphones!

I guess those pain-in-the-butt neighbors helped me out after all.

There’s always a silver lining in everything. Headphones have made using Focus at Will super easy.

When I need to focus or want to have some background music, I put on my headphones and select the music I like.

It doesn’t seem to take long for the distracting sounds to disappear.

Before I know it, I’m lost in my thoughts, typing away. Right now, I’m listening to the Uptempo track that works great for me.

The other one I like is Alpha Chill.

Foucs@Will Desktop Screen

More about Focus at Will

After searching, I found Focus at Will was best for me.

I’m even able to get more done in less time! I have said that a few times, but it still makes me smile.

And honestly, I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t for actually testing it out.

I highly suggest you try their free trial if you need to stay focused.

Why do I need to stay focused?

I’m so glad you asked. My quest to help me stay focused was mainly due to my desire to start my own business.

With that, I have been taking online classes, reading a lot more, and, most importantly, writing blogs!

While I don’t have ADD, I have found it challenging to stay focused when a lot is happening around me.

I am so happy that I found Focus at Will, which is why I felt like sharing it with all of you. If you want to know more about who is behind this excellent company, check it out here, Focus@Will.

Want one week free? Continue reading after you click here!

Try Focus at Will for FREE!

A sample of the different channels you can choose from

I started with the free version. Then around November 2019, I received an offer I could not refuse!

I am now happy to report that I am a lifetime member of Focus At Will! I also could not be happier with my decision. I use this daily and suggest it to everyone who needs some good, no-vocal music.

To make this a straightforward process, they have made the process easy.

  • You can get a risk-free trial (that even has a built-in productivity tracker)
  • Easily cancel at any time. You will not be charged anything during your free trial period.
  • Best of all, they even have an easy 30-day and no-questions-asked refund.

You will find these are only a few things that make this an amazing application.

I tried a few other paid-for subscriptions, and it was not easy to get my money back (not to mention the other company kept charging me after I canceled).

There is a lot of science stuff behind the music they have on the site.

You can go there to read all about it.

I read some of it, and it was interesting, but that stuff is boring. But this service has allowed me to believe they are certainly onto something extraordinary!

Want to try Focus At Will for one week? Click for your free week NOW!

You will not be disappointed. You have NOTHING to lose.

Is Focus At Will Great for Everyone?

I’m not sure, but I will say that it worked wonders for me.

I like that there are no vocals, as I tend to start singing the song (out loud or to myself). And not having a great singing voice is something I have found seems to annoy those around me.

My favorite station, The Drop

I found that listening to the various tracks in Focus at Will has allowed me to stay focused on the task I’m working on.

Case and point: I wrote 500 words a day in June.

This initially seemed like a HUGE task because I wanted to build up this blog (and have other writing samples). But it’s been pretty easy.

There are times when I cannot think of anything to write. These are the times I put on my headphones and turn on Focus at Will.

This allows me to separate myself from what is going on around me. I can easily read other blogs that I enjoy, and before you know it, I have an idea and write away.

Being able to stay focused on where I am has changed everything.

It has allowed me to get more done in less time. After all, time is the most crucial resource we have. If you could get more time, wouldn’t you want to try?

I Highly Recommend Focus@Will

I highly recommend checking Focus At Will out if you want to stay focused.

Don’t forget to click the link below to try this fantastic service out for FREE!

Get One Week Free Now!

After you click the link above, don’t forget to let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

Have you started your Focus@Will free week yet? Click here to get your free week NOW! I know you will not be disappointed. And remember to comment below. I want to see what you think of it!

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  1. I think, somewhere hidden in this 5000 word blog, it says that your mum distracts you. LOL. In all seriousness, I have seen how focused you become while listening to instrumental music. Thanks for sharing your secret with the world.

    • I don’t think it’s that long of a post. I mean, no, I didn’t.

      Thanks for the comment! The music is pretty cool, even more so when I’m rocking out, and you look at me strangely.


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