Quick Wilde Escape Update


This will be a quick post to give you a brief update about my Epic Road Trip 2.0 (version 2021). For those of you that have emailed and left comments, THANKS! It’s been great to connect with you. I’m doing what I can to stay in touch, but most of the places I’m exploring are … Read more

Arches National Park


Did I mention this campsite was amazing, beautiful, and quiet? Well, that was all true until around 3 am when I was awoken by smoke. It quickly filled the Rav and was not pleasant. Smelling smoke has never been a great way to wake up. I have had too many close encounters with fires. After … Read more

Great Basin National Park


Being on the road has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now! Every day, there are adventures, but trying to remember to go with the flow isn’t always easy—more on that coming up. As always, if you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below! Packing (Too … Read more

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