Athletic Greens Review: YOU Need To Try This

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Have you heard of Athletic Greens?

I’m not sure about you, but getting the appropriate nutrients has always been extremely important to me.

I tried many “Green” supplements, vitamins, and juice bars to get my daily (and even extra) nutrients.

But there is always a problem with green supplements. They tend to be very expensive.

My search has led to the reason for this post, but before we get into what I think about them, let’s take a quick look at this product.

Photo from Athletic Greens website

Athletic Greens At A Glance

Name: Athletic Greens

Click the link above to get five free travel packs & one year supply of vitamin D3+K2!

Price: Depends on what you choose to order. See below for more information.

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Now that you know the general idea of this amazing product, feel free to continue to read or jump right to what you are interested in.

If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comments below.

Athletic Greens, Product Overview

I researched before ordering some, and I will say it’s all been positive.

There are many reviews online, and I will try just cutting out the BS and getting to the good stuff. Feel free to skip around or visit their website to learn more.

Not only are there many positive reviews, but I sent their team a few emails about additional questions I had. They were awesome!

And they even sent me a free sample of their product!

I received my sample pack within a few days. Instead of drinking it immediately, I had my first glass the next morning.

If you read their website, they suggest having it first thing and definitely before coffee.

What You Get in Every Serving

If you are at all interested, you can read all about it here, but some of the stuff in every serving include:

  • Immune support, with vitamin C, zinc, and more
  • Gut Health is something that we can all benefit from
  • Sustained energy, this stuff helps regulate your daily energy through improved nutrient absorption
  • And more good stuff, like antioxidants and superfoods that improve cognitive health and mental clarity.

And if you look on their website, you will see a lot of information and tons of other reviews.

But, in one scoop, you get a jam-packed drink with 75 ingredients in 5 key areas of health. I honestly feel so much better since taking Athletic Greens. I didn’t want to believe all the hype, but I do now and suggest it to anyone that will listen.

Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but I know I’m giving my body what it’s obviously craving, and I stopped taking other supplements and my daily multivitamin. I still take allergy medicine during the summer, but that’s it.

My First Experience with Athletic Greensgreen-drink-with-orange

To my surprise, I received not only one free sample but five!

It came in a box with five individual packets. It was great that I didn’t have to measure anything out, and I later found out these are called their travel packets.

They are great because they are pre-measured, easy to open, and easy to pack.

Now for the important part, taste.

As someone a bit picky, overall, Athletic Greens tastes awesome!

It has a slightly sweet taste and doesn’t taste like any other powdered green drinks out there.

The best part, for me, is that it doesn’t have the powdered chalk texture. Like others out there that don’t mix well with water, it has clumps that make you cough.

With that said, I did mix it with cold water. I shook it up and drank it. I didn’t wait to drink it as the Athletic Greens mixed perfectly.


My sample kit upon arrival

At first, I didn’t see any difference in anything. But then again, I only used it for five days.

Let’s fast forward a few months from my first taste.

Just over 30 days ago, I decided to buy this product for myself. And have been drinking it daily.

I didn’t want to post a review unless I loved or hated this product. And, if you haven’t guessed, I love this product.

I honestly am feeling a lot better overall. In fact, I look forward to drinking this product every morning.

Who Are Athletic Greens For?

You might wonder if this product is for you.

This product is for anyone tired of taking multiple multivitamins daily.

Not to mention, this is the best way I’ve found to get a jump start to get enough veggies in your diet.

You feel better overall!

This is perfect if you are like me and want to start each day with a nutritional drink your body wants and tastes good.

Other things that may make you want to try this product:

  • Overcoming gut health issues
  • Any nutrient deficiencies
  • You travel a lot and realize you aren’t eating as well as you should be.
  • Not feeling as good as you know you should.

These are the reasons I first got the sample packets.

And after taking Athletic Greens daily for the last 30 days, I really do feel better.

Some of you out there have allergies, or intolerances, to nuts, gluten, sugar, dairy, and eggs. Well, rest assured, Athletic Greens are free from all of that!

I’m not a doctor, and DO NOT take this product if you are allergic to any ingredients.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

There are always good and not so good things with every product. This green powder is no different.

Due to always sharing my honest review, here are some additional things to remember.

Some of the stuff I enjoy about Athletic Greens

The taste is unmatched

If you are like me, you have tried other green mixes on the market.

One thing that I have found is none of them taste very good. Or they leave a grass taste in your mouth for hours on end.

Athletic Greens is far from it. It has an almost sweet taste that I enjoy every day. I now look forward to drinking my Greens every morning now.

Easy to use

Not only does this product taste great, but it’s so easy to use.

This is what I do:

    • Grab the AG shaker
    • Add in about 10 oz of cold water
    • Take a scoop of the Green powder and dump it into the shaker
    • Screw on the lid
    • Then shake it all up

As you shake it up, you will see how fast this powder mixes with the water.

It’s nice because I’ve used other powders in the past that do not mix this well, and you get clumps while you are trying to drink it.


Below, you will read about my experience with the Athletic Greens customer happiness team, but let’s say they do an outstanding job.

My original questions were answered, and they shipped me another free sample!

Customer service is essential, especially when you pay a lot for a product. It’s even more amazing when you aren’t a paying customer yet! (Well, at that point, I wasn’t a customer yet, and that changed).

Yep, nothing is perfect, but it can be close

It’s sometimes difficult to find negative things about a product. Especially when you really like it and decide to subscribe.

But, if I had to pick two things, the first would be that this product is pricy.

The second thing is only if you travel and enjoy going on adventures. That leads me to say that the Greens must be refrigerated after opening.

As you can imagine, this is generally easy, but if you are on a road trip, plane, or backpacking trip, this will not be easy. The solution I have found would be purchasing the travel packs.

You can purchase the individual packets (the same ones you get when you get your free sample), but they cost a bit more per serving.

Not how I enjoy taking my greens

Athletic Greens Support

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, they have a great support team.

Not only that but there is a community of Athletic Green supporters.

I did have to contact their customer happiness team before being a paying customer, and as I said, they were amazing! I got a reply very fast and got my question answered, which is how I received a free sample.

That helped me realize how great this company is and that I would actually enjoy drinking the Greens.

If you are interested, click here to get your own sample.

Athletic Greens Price

As I mentioned above, they are a bit on the pricy side.

I found ordering the 30, or 60-day supply is the best option and a little cheaper.

This is because you pay the same shipping regardless of the purchase amount.

With that said, I have been using it for 30 days and am feeling really good. I also am no longer paying for any other supplements.

No more going to juice bars!

You can get their travel packets if you want to take them on a trip but don’t want to fuss around with refrigeration or a bag of fine green powder.

This will be my plan when traveling, especially if I get to fly somewhere.

But you are reading this section because you want to know about the price. Well, here you go.

  • One time purchase, 30 servings, is $99
  • Single subscription (30 servings, welcome kit) for $79
  • Double subscription (everything from the single subscription to just 60 servings) for $149.

The prices listed above are current as of the date of this post.

I chose to get the double subscription because shipping was the same.

After receiving my order, I also found that you need to refrigerate it after opening the Athletic Greens bag. But the unopened bag can wait for you in the cupboard.

I also suggest getting a single or double subscription so you don’t have to miss any days of your Greens.

What’s even better is the welcome kit. I originally received the ceramic jar, and the shaker is very nice. But now they have a much easier-to-use metal container.

Something I was sent recently, free!

Welcome kit in all its glory and worth it

My Final Opinion of Athletic Greens

I was shocked when I first tried Athletic Greens.

This is mainly due to the taste. It really is the best “green” drink I’ve tried.

I now purchase this product in bulk (the double subscription) to save money on each serving and shipping.

I’ve gone through my 30-day experiment and will continue using this product.

Yes, this means that I’ve been using them every day.

I honestly feel better and am looking forward to continuing this journey.

If you want to stop taking a multivitamin, among others, every day, then this drink is for you. I really suggest you give Athletic Greens a try.

I drink it first thing every morning with cold water.

And I know you are winding if it replaces coffee or if you can take them both.

The best thing I’ve done is wait about 15 minutes and then make my coffee.

Are You Ready to Give Athletic Greens a try for Yourself?
Click Here Now!

One Last Thing Before You Go.

After ordering AG1, you have your first cup.

Would you be willing to return and let me know what you think of Athletic Greens?

You could mention the taste, how easy the powder mixes in liquid, any benefits you get, or anything else.

If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments below.

Photo from Athletic Greens website

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10 thoughts on “Athletic Greens Review: YOU Need To Try This”

  1. It is clear you like this product [Athletic Greens]!
    So nice to get an honest review from a “real” person.

    I am not able to use this product [due to allergies with some ingredients], but I can testify watching you enjoy the flavor!


    • Considering I just woke up, and the first thing I do is make my Athletic Greens. I’d say it’s now part of my morning routine.

      And yeah, have I mentioned it has a delicious flavor?

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for sharing your review of Athletic Greens.  I have tried a few different powdered supplements, but have always found them to have a bad taste, even after mixing them with juice, or coffee or any other flavoured beverage.  It’s nice to hear that Athletic Greens can be mixed with just water!  This makes it simple!

    I have been taking multivitamins for years, and I would certainly be interested in trying Athletic Greens and getting away from multivitamins altogether.  Thanks for your thorough review of this product, as well as how to get it a little cheaper.  I will be trying out the free sample.



    • Hi, again Jenny!

      I cannot believe how much I have enjoyed Athletic Greens. It still is funny how I look forward to them in the morning (even before my coffee). There are days I don’t even need coffee anymore! Which is genuinely mind-blowing.

      You will not be disappointed with giving AG a try. After you get them, I would love to hear what you think.

  3. Thank you for the very comprehensive review on Athletic Greens. I have used a similar product and you are correct, the taste and after taste is really disgusting. You know as you mix it up how bad its going to taste and believe me I have tried a wide variety of things to mix the greens with. 

    • If you are still interested in trying out a “green drink,” I suggest giving Athletic Greens a try. I’m still impressed with how quickly it dissolves, and the taste is the best I have come across.

  4. Does it contain some sort of protein and is it safe to use amongst people who compete in sports? There are many supplements today that are seen as illegal because they help you perform better in sports. I have not heard of this product before so I will give it a try and let you know how it goes. 

    • I haven’t seen anything saying that Athletic Greens is bad for athletes. I would suggest going to their website to get a better answer. They have an outstanding customer support team there that I’m sure will be more than willing to help.

      As for the protein, I have seen people mix AG with protein powder. As for me, I keep my protein smoothing separately. AG does not have any protein in it.

      Overall, I would say think of AG as a way for your body to get the extra nutrients it needs for activities you are doing. I have been drinking it daily for a while now and have to say I feel a lot better overall, and there are days I sometimes forget to make coffee :-).

  5. I first came across athletic green 6 to 7 months ago and I have been using it since then the products are amazing and I love the benefits since I have been taking athletic green I have not visited a hospital for once and my energy is consistent throughout the day it made me eat right. i Love the slight sweetness it offers and can tell a difference with my energy level.

    • Hi Micheal, thanks for the comment!

      It’s great hearing that others enjoy Athletic Greens as much as I do. Take care.


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